"Sir, I must insist. There is a nice opening down by the harbor at the end of the bay as a look-out for Kaiser submarines. That way, you will not have to leave your, um, dog."

"And I have no choice in this?" I growled.

"None whatsoever Mr Bowerman." He smiled proudly. It took all my self restraint not to tear his head off and use him as bait for the fish.

"Well then I am now part of the army." I said bitterly. 

"Good good, old chap!" He clapped me on the back, "I'll see you at the recruitment office tomorrow." And with that he disappeared back to his little boat and reached the mainland. 

"You're not going to like this, Jack. Neither am I. This is nasty business and trust them to pull me into it when I want nothing to do with it. Stupid main streamers." 

Jack bounded along beside me back into our home, the net of fish slung over my back. 

The storm was brewing up again, I could taste it in the air and Jack seemed more worked up than ever at the dark clouds. As usual, we spent our evening quietly; I read a book while Jack dosed lazily in my arms, his head on my shoulder. We were close, as close as a man can be to his dog and I loved him. Jack was my only companion, not to mention the only one who understood me. I tried to remember how long I had had him, but I had long since repressed those memories. You see, I have had jack since I have been on this island. 

The End

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