The sea was calm, much calmer than normal as I swam back to my home with Jack splashing beside me. Dark clouds still loomed overhead, but I still had my fishing to do. It was brave the rain or go hungry. The rocks did not trip me up as I half ran to the shed hidden away under a crack in the granite, retrieving my fishing rod, self made, and net. 

I had been wrong about the weather. The clouds cleared up, leaving behind a burning sunshine, made even warmer by the weather traits i had just begun to get used to. My fishing perch was on the east side of my little island, where the fish always seemed to congregate. 

Jack began to bark as I heard the distinct patter of oars hitting the water. I hoisted another fish out of the sea and into the net half submerged in water. 

"Mr Bowerman?" Someone called. 

I ignore them, Jack barked. I cast my line out again. 

"Mr Bowerman!" The voice called.

I did not know he was talking to me. I did not know people called each other Mr or Mrs, or that my name was Bowerman. 

There was a sharp scraping noise as the wooden boat he was in came up against the rocks. Jack's growling got deeper and deeper as the man approached.

"Mr Bowerman?" He tried again.

"What's it to you?" I snapped back, pulling out another fish.

"Could you please call your dog off."

"He won't hurt you." I shrugged.

"Mr Bowerman, are you aware of the current situation between us and the Kaiser?" 

"Obviously." Honestly, all everyone seemed to talk about was that blasted war. 

"Well then, I've come here to call you up to fight, serve your country and all that." He smiled. I glared at him, turning my body slowly to face him.

"I ain't joining no blasted army." 

"And why not, sir?"

"I'm one of them conscientious objector people." I waved my hand and cast my line in again.

"Mr Bowerman you have no grounds to be a conscientious objector, you do not attend church nor do you have to provide for a family."

"What about Jack?" I grumbled.

The man looked at the whippet and took a step backwards. 

"He doesn't count, sir. Please, you must sign up. If not overseas, then for something."

"Why should I? What has my country ever done for me?"

"So you'd leave the Kaiser to slaughter women and gut children? Take away our freedom?" 

"Ain't my women." 

The End

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