The town was the bleakest of places ever to be built in Scotland, not that I ever ventured anywhere else, but it was still a depressing place to be. Drizzle made the grey buildings and grey streets look even more grey than usual. I pulled my collar up against my neck and Jack bounded along by my side happily enough. Mostly women and children ran along the streets, their feet clacking on the cobbles and the rain making it echo. No one paid me any attention. Oh I am sure they noticed me, but they learnt long ago that I would not respond. They found it strange enough that I walked in the rain quite comfortably.

I stopped in my favourite cafe. It was a small and mostly deserted place that sold coffee that tasted of acorns and apple pie as thick as my bed post. All cheaply, obviously. I noticed a display of white feathers and cursed absentmindedly at them, daring anyone to have the guts to give me one. 

As the waitress finished my order, her hand reached out towards the feathers. Only when I growled did she take her hand back and serve me the coffee. I paid her with washed up money. No smile touched my lips and no thank you passed them. The waitress glanced at Jack, opened her mouth but closed it again. I had noticed the no dogs allowed sign. She probably knew that too. 

Once I was done, I left the dimly lit cafe and headed back out into the rain. 

"There he goes again, that Drifter. Honestly, how does he live with the shame of not helping keep his country free?" A woman whispered to her friend as I walked past. Jack growled. 


The End

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