Bed Time

I had made my bed myself, from a gnarled tree and a few blankets. Jack and I spent long days carving that, not that he did anything, he just wagged his tail and watched me. 

It wasn't exactly the comfiest of sleeping arrangements, but nothing in my life was comfy. Jack jumped up with me, nuzzling right against my skin so it was as if he was a part of me. 

I lay awake for hours, something didn't seem right. Something was about to change, and I didn't like it. What with World War two raging, it was only a matter of time before someone noticed me, even though in the eyes of the government, I did not exist. Thunder continued to crash around me and rain hammered against the fastened shutters. Wind howled through the cracks in my home and I wriggled deeper under the covers. 

Jack woke me, licking my cheek with his big rough tongue.

"Okay, okay. I'm up." I grumbled, "Who want's breakfast?" I called to him. He barked and started chasing his tail. 

Fish was on the menu again, as it always was. 

Grey light shone through the cracks in the shutters, normal for after the storm we had recieved the night before. 

"Town then, Jack?" I asked, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. 


The End

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