My Life In A Stupid Book, 1

My eyes flicked open and I looked around my bed, searching for him. But I found nothing, as usual. The bed was slick with sweat, which happened when I had these nightmares. Which were usually every other day.

I looked around for my lime green lamp and I turned it on.

Walking to the window, I tried to relay what had happened this time. But, I couldn't remember anything except for what the boy had looked like. Strange. I almost always woke up with a fresh memory.

I pushed the cutains open and unlocked the hatch on the sill. I pulled the glass up and a fresh breeze hit me. I breathed in the night air for a second, then fell back onto my comforter.

Might as well at least try to get some sleep. I don't want to look like a zombie at school tommorow. I thought as I closed my eyes and steeadied my heart beat.

In seconds I was asleep. Falling into a haunting dream . . .

          My dress whips behind me, as I walk into the diner and order a cup of coffee. I wait for his appearance and surely, after only a few minutes of sipping, he walks through the door.

He looks stunning in a black shirt and blue jeans.
His brown hair is in it's usual curly due, brushed but still messy.
It's adorable, his curls.

He walks toward me, a grin threatening his lips.
"Taylor? Here to see me again?"

I shake my head, but that only makes him walk faster.
He sits down on the booth opposite me.

"You look lovely."

I am over whelmed with a surge of terror and my face shows it,
for he laughs and laughs . . .

The End

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