AK and Siobhan (Yet again!) MOLISH!Mature

Ok so me and Siobhan are going on this school trip (the others were too lazy to bring in the slip) and we HAD to go to this meeting! We couldn't understand the person talking but anyway this was before that!

Meeting Convo (By the way you might want to know that I keep typing 'metting' for some reason, instead of meeting)

AK: I really want to know what you would say to a giant mole if you met one!

Siobhan: You would say 'Hey do you speak English?'

AK: Yeah, but what if it didn't speak English!

Siobhan: Well that's the whole point of finding out.

AK: What do moles actually speak? You might have to say 'Hola' or 'Aloha' or 'Bonjour' or 'Gutentag'-

Siobhan: Yeah but for all you know they could speak some alien language! -Does thing with hands (wifty waffty)-

(Siobhan- Wifty Waffty? seriously?) (AK- Yes Wifty Waffty! Is there a problem 
-glare-) (Siobhan- course not! -Rolls eyes-)

AK: Yes! but I really want to know.

Siobhan: They speak Molish!

AK: -Laughs uncontrollably- I'm gonna find out weather that's a real language! (Look of absolute delight on face, like a kids first X-mas)


Sadly there is no such language as Molish but that will not stop me on my quest to find the answer!!!

(Siobhan- You'r crazy AK!) (AK- only a tinsy bit)


Stay tunned for the rest of my quest!!

 (Siobhan- Or to see her make a fool of herself)

The End

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