We Might As Well Start Since The Other Two Are Being Lazy People: Science, Siobhan And AKMature

It all started on a Friday morning, our first lesson was science. We were learning about... um well never mind that minor detail...
(Siobhan- Sigh - AK we were looking at the equations for Calcium and Limestone reactions) (AK- Oh yeah, I knew that)

Anyway, science is a very interesting lesson due to the fact that me (AK) and Siobhan sit next to each other, and when we sit next to each other we have the oppotunity to have these random conversations. Be warned there will be alot from science between me and Siobhan. Today our teacher was trying to turn on the gas (we have a safe guard for the gas that keeps stopping 3 seconds before the gas will come on) today was no different, the little red light in the box read 06 before the little, high ptched sound went off, alerting us towards some problem or another, but now you see there was no problem. So the teacher tried again, it got to 10 before the alarm went off again (it counts down from 99 to 00), so our teacher tried once again this time it stopped at 14 so me and Siobhan came up with the theory that next it would stop at 18. So we waited and watched and it went off on it high buzzing at 19, Siobhan began muttering to herself about how she was only one off. Now our teacher didn't appreciate being beaten by the Safe Guard and started writing on the board. So we started writing too.

A few minuets later I heard Siobhan muttering to herself again
(Siobhan- I wasn't muttering, I was singing) (AK- okayyy, I think it would have been better if you were muttering to yourself)
,so this is where our midly funny conversation starts;


AK: You mutter to yourself a lot.

Siobhan: Huh? I wasn't muttering I was singing very, very, very, very quietly so... (Sticks out tongue).
I mutter to myself all the time, in year six I walked behind this boy talking to myself and he said,
''Did you know talking to yourself is the first sign of madness?'' and I replied,
''I went mad a looong time ago.''

AK: I mutter to myself sometimes and my friend told me the exact same thing, but I said,
''I'm at, about, the fifth sign!''

Siobhan: No frickin' Duh.

AK: I prefer that to 'no shit' (laughs quietly)

Siobhan: Me too, coz it's like swearing without actually swearing.

AK: Uh-huh (nods slowly), that made no sense.

Siobhan: 'Frickin' is a swear word but not actually a swear word, so you're swaering but not.

AK: Again yous' makes no sense

(AK- I have my own way of speaking so it is meant to be yous)

Siobhan: 'Frickin' is a swear word coz it's basically saying 'Fucking' but 'Frickin' isn't a proper swear word, like 'hell'. So you're swearing but not.

(AK- and she says that like it makes sense) (Siobhan- Well it does to any normal person) (AK- Hey! I'm normal) (Siobhan- raise eyebrow- of course you are)

At which point our random and kinda humerous lesson comes to an end and it is then off to the dreaded P.E lesson and the running out doors it the freezing wind. Yikes!

The End

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