Siobhan- the Dry, Sarcastic OneMature

Hey, my name is Siobhan.
I am the youngest of three children, with eight years between me and my brother, and nine between me and my sister. I have dark brown hair that just reaches my shoulders.
(Ash-Yeah and you just reach mine) (Siobhan- Excuse me -goes whacks Ash round the head-)
My eyes are lots of colours. My friend AK informed-
(AK- You make it sound so formal!) (Siobhan- Well sorry but you told me to write this! Anyway)
... informed me that they have sort of blue-grey colour edges and then are golden-green dominatly with some brown flecks.
(AK-What? I don't even know what dominantly means?!) (Siobhan- I thought this was my page! So stay quiet or I'll lock you in the cupboard!) (AK-RUNS-)
I'm about five foot three, maybe a little bit under. I am very skinny but NOT anorexic. I have a naturally pale face.
(Ash-She is very cold too! She's a Vampire!) (Siobhan-rolls eyes-)

Most of my features come from my Dad; I look a lot like him (I do NOT take that as a compliment Ivy ---). Most of these features are because of my Irish blood; these features are my dark hair and pale skin. I am very proud of my Irish roots and enjoy telling anyone who'll listen about my Irish-ness.
(AK & Ash- We Know!) (Siobhan- Okay that's it I'm locking you in the cupboard - Ash runs but AK is caught-)
My mother likes unusal names and so my brother and I have Irish names and my sister has an old fashioned English name.
(Katie-Gertrude!) (AK-What?! Wait your not meant to be here, get out!!)
(-Both run out-).

My name translates to 'Little Hill' and Siobhan translates to Josephine.

I live in A---, home of the friggin' white ducks. AK, Ashley and my town sucks. Period. ( Ivy and Katie live further away, lucky devils). I've been stuck here for thirteen, nearlt fourteen, very long years!
(Ash-Me too) (Siobhan- No shit Sherlock -laughs-) (AK- Hey! Have you got some tape?) (Siobhan-No, Why? Where's Katie?)(AK-um she kinda busy at the moment but she'll be back for her part!) (Ash-What? Have you tied her up? -laughs-)(AK-No! Ummm... just don't go into the bathroom) (Ash & Siobhan- give each other a look as if to say 'Oh My Fucking God!')
Umm moving on... *Rose has managed to escape and *Sam escapes in September, but me? No, I have at least eight more effing years here. Stuck in this town, in this neighbourhood. I n this house, while I watch my last life line at home escape here before me. Great.

I don't have many friends but I treasure the ones I do have. The ones I can call true friends , though, would have to be my BFF of all times Ashley S-- (She's annoying but I heart her)
(Ash-Hey!) (Siobahn-Well we've talked about this so don't act all shocked) (AK-nods-) (Ash- Hedgehog!) (AK-Hey! -chases Ash out of the room-) (-Chrashes heard down stairs-)
Also, there is AK. They are awesome (and for the benefit of AK- no I am not being sarcastic). In all honesty, without those two, I'd be lost.

I'm a bit of a bookworm. I love to read!
(AK & Ash- us too!)
Anyone who calls me a 'boff' because I read a lot and pick up loads of words and info, I have two word for YOU "Fuck you!" I am not a figgin' 'boff' (Yes Ashley S--, I'm talking to you). People who don't know me well, think of me as a goody two shoes but I try to assure them I'm not. I swear - a lot.
(AK & Ash- that's true!) (Ash- Oh by the way people I do too!)
I get angry - a lot. I hit people - a lot.
(Ash- Oh! No kidding I have the bruise to prove this) (AK- We only joke when we hit each other and don't purposfully mean to hurt each other audience!)
I love to be sarcastic, and so prefer dry humour but becasue I'm sarcastic a lot of people can't tell if I'm being serious or not.
(AK- mainly me!) (Siobhan- It's true! -laughs-)
I heart me some Josh Groban and Anya Marina's Satellite Heart. I prefer pop and R'n'B music to any other. I like many songs, it's how I was raised my mother tells me (Mother I roold my eyes at you). I like to write stories although I'm not good at it.
(AK- Well I Wouldn't know -mopes-) (Siobhan-laughs- Don't worry you'll see it soon)
I like to use unusual words that people don't know the meaning to, just so I can explain it to them.
(AK- Oh Boy! How I loath that!) (Siobhan- That's only because I always pick up on your spelling and grammer!).
At my primary school, I was the best speller and knew more definitions than most students, because of this I was called a 'walking dictionary'. When I'm older I would like to be a historian or something in the field of history; such as and history teacher or work for the English Heritage etc. I like solitude because my family are so goddamn annoying. I shout myself in my room and only come out if my mother calls me (I'd like to add, anyone who says my mother is cool is wrong and you wouldn't last five seconds living with her and her annoyingly loud voice and annoying little favours and annoying complaining. She exaggerates every goddamn thing! If you look up the word 'annoying' under it is a piccy of my mother- how they got it I don't know for she hates having photos taken of her).  My family drives me mad! Whenever someone at school says 'you're looking moody today', I'm tempted to say 'you would too if you had to put up with my mother and father'. I don't watch much T.V and I don't get out much.
Mr.G--- our form tutor takes a great pleasure from annoying the crap out of me.
(Ash & AK- Us too!) (AK- He said I was slightly odd too!) (Siobhan- No friggin' duh.) (Ash- We already told you that!)

If you're wondering if I have any nicknames, the answer is; not really. Sometimes I'm called Taz by my friends, but not often. My sister calls me Little T and my friend Mel calls me T-Rex (Why, I don't know).

You've probulary deduced a lot about me from this so I'll leave it here.

Oh please note: Call me 'Pip Pip ___' and I'll hunt you down and kill you in your sleep ;P

(AK- OoOoOo shivers!) (Ash- Hee hee! Pip Pip___) (Siobhan- I'm going to kill you!) (AK- Hey! I didn't do anything! AHHH! - Runs out of room, closely followed by Ash then Siobhan, Who has a broom stick!-) (Run back into room and run in circles, Siobhan still has broom stick and is attempting to stick it up Ash's butt) (AK-Wait where did you get that broom from? Ow! -is hit on head-) (Running scene) (AK- Um guys you do realise that the computer is still on and the audience is reading this?)


The End

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