Ashley - HA I'm The FirstMature

Hello, my name is Ashley or Ash.

I'm awesome in every sense of the possible word (well not really, but Oh Well).
I am a bit weird
(not as weird as AK though mind you but Oh Well -Evil grin-) (AK-Gee thx Ashley) (Ash- No problem)

Anyways, moving on, I have brown hair, it's about shoulder length and wavy, I want black hair though. I am the kind of person who enjoys making fun of people, especially AK and my BFF Siobhan
(AK- NO kidding!) (Ash- Hedghog!) (AK- Hey! Keep that out of this we are tryin to make a good impression!... OH! -Cough- Hi there) (Ash- This is NOT my fault, moving on... AGAIN!)

Oh yeah! My BFF is Siobhan and she is amazing.
Now onto another subject, I will never have a boyfriend because I'm interested in women, see that is why I'm slightly weird.

I make people laugh.
(AK- You do? -Look of shock amazement- -burst out laughing- ok... ok you do! But I don't count because I laugh at everything)
(Ash- Glare at AK-) (AK- ok I'm going, I'm going-)

My life is dull and I wish something ultra interesting would happen but it never does.

(Ash- By the way AK can I be an empath?) (AK- A what?) (Ash- Someone who can control emotions... duh! Hedgehog.. hee hee) (AK- fine whatever and enough with the friking hedgehog buisness, that is later on in the story)

The End

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