My Life But With A Twist Of PowerMature

Well in english we were told to come up with a comedy show idea so here mine's and my friends (the names have been changed for certain reasons) This will be about my life everyday but we had to have some weird twist so we all have powers :P

Well I guess you want to know something about me (and if you don't why are you reading this?)
Hmm... Well my name is A- well never you mind everyone just calls me AK! I go to school like any normal kid, but i'm very strange and odd (even my english teacher said I was a little odd) anyways I have long brown hair with a natural blond/grey streak and it never does what I want and is super curly (if you think you have curly hair you have seen nothing, poodle hair is an understatement)
I love to talk and am very loud but I get really nervous in front of crowds (go figure)
I will most likely never ever have a boyfriend. I love to laugh and I love making people laugh (weather they laugh at me or with me is not known) I don't like making my friends mad and choose not to take sides. I'm kind of the loner in my small group of friends.
I love to draw (as my friends will tell you) I read loads! And draw manga and love it! I want to be a marien biologist when I'm older or a forensic scientist OR a writer! My friends say I can write really well but I know that I have lot's more I can do!
I cannot spell to save my life! I like to think of myself as samrt in some ways (I'm 42nd in my years group for science, which I am proud of!)

I have one sister who is horrible (but i love her at times) I have a dog called Miki who is the most awsome dog ever (don't even try to argue with me) I talk to him all the time! (ok so you can see why I'm weird)

Now onto the subject of hedgehogs! All will become clear later on!

My life is boringly dull but I wish for a more exciting life so much, however me and my friends are quite funny! (well I think so)

Well that's it for now, I will get on with the story. Which will be our normal day conversations but I'll add a twist every now and again.

Our conversations sometimes nearly always include swearing and may contain slightly mature themes.


The End

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