Chapter 1: Life on Earth

When I was young my life was full of surprises. Had I known that those surprises were testing me to see if I could handle what was about to come, I would have understood more.

My first five years of my life nothing happened, I was just a kid. However, the next 10 years of my life was torture.

When I was 6, I started to get bullied; I would go home everyday and cry for hours. Once, someone took me by the collar of my shirt and threw me out a window, I fell two stories and broke many bones and I just laid on a bush for an hour, unable to move. When the bell rung to go home, a stampede of children gushed out of the doors and ignored my screams of pain. When the janitor went to lock the doors, he noticed me crying and screaming. He picked me up and carried me to the nurse, then I passed out. For the next year I was in a wheelchair and had casts all over my body. 

When I was 10 my Mom and Dad died in a car accident, and both my parents didn't have siblings. My grandparents had already died, so off to the orphanage I went. I traveled from foster home to foster home, after a year Beva Marie Niel and George Zack Niel adopted me. I grew fairly close to my new mom, too close when I was 13 she died, and my dad went crazy. 

The next few years my dad beat me, not physically, but mentally. He couldn't look at me; every time he saw me, he would cry and say that her love radiated from me. He never talked to me; always left for work in the morning before I woke up, and always got home at midnight. There was no father son connection, nothing but loose ends.

At school the bullying got worse; it was constantly happening. I literally had no friends. I wasn't ugly, I wasn't socially challenged, but I would wear clothes that weren't stylish; too small, and I only had 2 pairs of clothes. I can't go shopping because my dad refuses to give me money. I don't even think he loves me.

The End

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