My life as a teenage vampire

A girl discovers she's a vampire and this is her story (Note: sorry, I couldn't think of a better title ): )

Carefully opening her eyes, Emily quietly slid out of bed and grabbed the jeans and sweatshirt she had hidden under her pillow. She silently changed into them and, after checking the hallway, she grabbed her shoes by the door and slipped outside. Walking around to the side of her house, she climbedon the hood of her mother's station wagon. From there, she climbedonto the roof, being careful not to slip. Steadying herself and drawingin a deep breath, she leaped and managed to grasp the edge of her roof. After some kicking and fussing, she managed to haul herself up. She sat down and took in her surroundings. This was one of her favorite types of nights. It was Tuesday night, so almost no one was out and about in her small city. She could see the stars, and the full moon outlined the sihlouttes of the tall buildings downtown. Standing back up, she ran to the edge of her roof and jumped the two or so feet to her neighbor's roof. From there, she continued jumping, being careful to stay out of sight. It was well past curfew, and anyone who saw her would almost surely either turn her into the police, or be some sort of pedophile/murderer. Once she got downtown, she let out a small sigh of relief. There was much more cover now. She spotted her building clearly in the bright moonlight. The tallest building in the city, a large, closed hotel. Climbing carefully up the abnormal brick siding, she managed to reach the second-story balconies. Standing and balancing precariously on the edge, she reached up and grabbed the cement from the thrid-story balcony, jutting outabove her. Pulling herself up, she repeated this daring task over and over, until she reached the twelfth story. There, she stopped to take a quick breath, then pulled herself onto the roof of the building. She walked over to the edge of the flat roof and sat down, her feet dangling dangerously off the edge. She leaned back and looked around her again. Closing her eyes, she could still see pinpricks of light through her eyelids from the stars.

After a while, she looked at the watch she had been wearing. 11:45. Emily sighed, she'd have to go home soon. Little did she know, that wouldn't be happening. Out of nowhere, she felt someone pushing her off the edge, down twelve stories to the ground. Falling, time seemed to slow - almost freeze - and she couldn't help but smile a sshe realized her life wasn't flashing before her eyes. Suddenly, she realized something. Looking around her, she wasn't falling, she was floating. Was she already dead? She pinched herself. She didn't seem to be dead. Blinking slowly, she began flapping her arms, feeling extremely foolish. However, she felt herself going up. Maneuvering herself so she was on her stomach, legs out behind her - just like Superman, the thought suddenly popped into her head- she began moving less, since she was almost back up to the twelfth floor.

She kicked  her legs behind her, and thrust her arms behind her, trying to go forward, back onto the roof, feeling slightly like a bird just learning to fly. Somehow, she managed to get back up. Clumsily landing back on the roof, she finally saw who had pushed her. She couldn't believe her eyes...

~End ch. 1~

The End

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