Riches, royalty and a Dolls house

the path lead up to a... well to put into words you couldn't say mantion, because that woudl make it sound smaller than it was, and you counldn't call it a palace, there was no princess or prince living there, the best i could get was a stately home and even that didn't sound right.

the home itself was huge, the bricks seemed to never end up or across. windows were large and beaming in light. it was beautiful. the gardens seemed to go on for miles and filled with greenary cut into different shapes. i was no longer in london.

i walked with debra until i got to the doors. she opened the wooden beasts with great push and entered into a red carpet hallway. the walls covered in painting, the hallway dressed with china and gold oranments. i almost gasped.

"this is the main hallway." debra startled me. "you are not to come down here, unless you are with someone." she looked at me deeply serious. "understood." i nodded. "good. now to you room."

we walked past paintings of beauty and tables covered in plainted plates and vases, etc. and the more hallways we walked down into the more stunning they got. but i couldn't help but notice the amount of people dressed like debra walking through the halls who happened to look at me and carry on their business. was i really that intersting. we came to a door of a reddy oak colour. debra pushed smoothly the the wood and pulled me into a white room.

it was like a nurcary for a old fashion victoran child. a four poster bed with with lace covers sat on the opposite side of a white pained window. a old fashion dolls house sat on a low level table and small pine stools had slid underneath it.

a large set of drawers and a waredrope stood on a side of the room and debra went straight for them. letting go of my hand and opening up my suitcase( how quickly they got there i do not know ), she began to unload them at full speed into them. a minute later she was done and sorting out any lose ends of the room.

"i afraid the room has not really come into the 21 first century yet. but i'm sure miss brown would happly buy you some new toys and things." she turned and smiled at me. i didn't smile back.

"lets get you out of those things" she removed bear from my arms an place him on the bed. i thought about stopping her but went agaist it. she helped me take of my coat hat and gloves, each went a coat stand. next my shoes, and like anything else in this room each had its place, on a shoe rack on the corner.

she pointed to a door. "that is a bathroom, your bathroom. you need to bathe at least every to days and wash you face and hand at the start of every day." i nodded.

"do what your told dawn and everyone will get along, capish." i nodded again. "good girl." she patted my head. she looked toward my drawers. "we will need to get you some new clothes before any events." events? "and you will need to do somehting about that hair. but for now lets let you get some rest and good night sleep. " she lead me to the bed. i sat down. "i will up with some food soon and after that it will be bed." just call one of the maids or servants if you need anything."

and with that she left. left me in room filled with nothing but space. but with the heater on and the sounds of the outside world blocked out, sleep just came to me like any other person. and i gathered up  bear and layed my self down and my dreams began to flow.

The End

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