Miss Brown

six years old and i had a suitcase to my right and my backpack to left. i held my teddy bear close to me, looking at very detail. trying to forget what was happening. he was small and had worn out fur from all the times i held him. i called him bear, because that was what seemed appropriate at the time. i ran a gloved finger across his nose and black button eyes. he understood me, unlike anyone else. 

the cold british air wipped across my cheeks and the cold seemed to find its way into my coat. i was dressed as cutely as possible, a little red dress, black leather shoes and white tights seemed to give of the look of an innocent little six year old. a woman in a tweed skirt suit kneeled down to my hight and put a hat on my head and ajusticed my pigtail plaits.

she ran a finger across my red chubby cheeks and pressed her finger to my nose, in comforting sort of way. "everythings going to be ok." she smiled and stood up. she dirceted me to a car in which she loaded up my bags. a man with a black hat and suit stood at the door holding it open for me. i climbed in, my short legs had to scramble to get up. the man looked at me. "are sure this is the one, she looks to small to be the girl." he whispered.

"yes she is the one, just a bit small for her age." he nodded and was about to shut the door but was stopped. the woman leant down. "be good, and good luck." and the door shut.

the car was long but warm. it seem to hold so many comforts such as red leather seats, a heater that spread thoughout the machine and electic windows in the back. the man at the front seemed to pay no attention to me at all. it was good, i didn't like attention.

the countryside grew thicker and thicker the more we drove and the city seemed so far away. i was no longer in the heart of london. the car turned to a dense wood and waited. a i tired to stretch up and see why we had stopped. a gate. the man had his window open and was talking to a man on the other side. they laughed at some promiscous joke. the window then shut, the gates opened and the car went through at a slow pace. 

and then it stopped, the door opened and a woman dressed in fine clothes and jewellry stood at the opening with a beaming smile on her face. 

a girl dressed in black and white stood behind her, holding a tray with a glass ontop, presoumably for me. "dawn!" she clapped her hand together and put them to her cheek in a dramtic movment. "just like from the picture." she looked around to the girl in black and white, her orange face had turned sour. "well." she paused "help her out." her voice sounded bitter. the girl, with her free hand, held it out for me. i took it and slowly clambered down from the vechile.

"look Randy." she turned to the man in the black suit. "look how cut and chubby she is." with her finger and thumb she pinched my cheek with considrable force her overly long nails sunk into my skin. i didn't move. her face leaned into mine and her vocie became babyish and almost insulting. "look how small she is." her face was orange and puffy and looked very fake.

she stood strate up and turned without another word to me. my cheek hurt. "debra take her inside." she stopped from her train of thought, she looked towards the bushes and peeked over to a man who was bent over picking weeds. she stood staring at his butt which seemed to pop out of his trousers. she turned back after a few seconds. "get her... ready and what not." and she turned her attention back to the gardner whom seemed to have caught her eye and had the same sly look on his face.

debra, the girl in black and white, knelt down, just as all did when they wanted to talk to me and offered me the drink from the tray. it was a sweet lemon drink, but with no bubbles. "would you like to go inside now." i looked down to the floor. "don't worry about miss brown. she can be a bit of a handful."

she held out the tray now to put back the emty glass. "thank you." my voice came out no more than a whisper. "your welcome" and with that i clung to bear more than ever as she took my hand and lead my up the stone path.

The End

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