the start

the babies eyes open to a mother who loves them dearly. the baby screams, yet the mother still holds it and cuddles it becuase that is how it works.

but not for me, i was ripped out the stomach of a dead woman and stayed quiet. i made no sound. was the lack of mother. the shock. i don't remember. but i sure it was nothing good.

i have no idea who she even was, only that her pain was great and her limit full. the cuts went to deep leaving a pool of blood spilt on the floor and a pregant woman dead within seconds.

but i was told all that, like i was told about my first house hold, the 'falling' or the 'tripping' the bruises seemed to come back every week, this is until the police came of course, but i haven't had much luck after that. my first memory was of a dog grabbing holed of my arm and a another at my leg.

but my most clear memory of life it the most hurtful and the most mermorble, for i rememeber everything of that day, and this is where i shall start.

The End

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