6/27/2011: 1:10 AM

Yesturday my mom left for Dallas, Texas.  She left because she had some manager meetings to attend to for The Container Store.  She going to be back Wednessday, so I have to stay at my dads house until Thursday.  I hate being away from my mom so badly but this will give me and my dad some bonding time.

On Friday my dad left for Vegas with his cousin because apperently his cousin was in a poker tournoment to win $20,000.  Then my uncle took my cousin to Vegas to go see Donny, my dads cousin, play poker.  So my dad got home around 10:00 PM, and I was so happy to see him.

So just a couple minutes ago Mia, my cousin, wanted me to go out with her to the car to get her laptop because it was dark outside.  I was scared a little bit too, but we took Cano, our dog, to go with us and protect us from anyone who might, you know, take us. 

When we were on our way back in the sprinklers were going off and I told Mia that she had to put her laptop under her shirt so it wouldn't get wet from the sprinklers.  So she put her laptop under her shirt and we ran through the sprinklers (with Cano) and ran all the way upstairs to our appartment.  When Cano jump on my uncles bed he goes "Hey Cano your wet."  Then I grab my laptop and start writing this.  Well I have to got to bed.



The End

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