You say, "What's your name and cab ID number. I'm making a complaint! This is ridiclous!"

"Ha! You want to report *me*?!?" The cabbie shakes his head and reaches into his pocket. "Here's my card. Make sure you spell my name....." he then trails off, looking up as if something horrible were on the horizon.

"You ok, Mister?" you ask, suddenly feeling a twinge of concern for this odd smelling man.

"Hmm? Uh yeah." He hands you his card, but the defiant spunk he displayed only seconds ago had vanished. "Look - I - uh... this cab was cleaned this..... maybe you should just leave". 

In the back of your mind you find it odd that he is no longer speaking with an accent.  This thought is promptly chased away by the look in his eyes. No - not the *look* -  the eyes themselves.

They are horse eyes.

As ludicrous as the thought is - the sight is terrifying.  Blinking and shaking your head you give the guy one more look but eyes eyes are once again normal.

The End

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