You answer it.

"Good evening Mister... Dannoobadang!  I'm calling on behalf of Trenton Ab-Maximizer Suppositories, the latest development in health supplement technology, to let you know that you've been pre-approved for a free trial of this wonderful product," says the voice on the other end of the line.

A rage grips you.

"Listen jerk.  I don't need your gut-busting butt bombs.  Remove my name from your calling list and all future calling lists, try strangling yourself with the cord from your headset, and tell your mom I'll be over in 20 minutes, so she should start stretching now," you say, hanging up with as much force as the end-call button allows you. 

Then, still overcome by anger, you hurl your cell phone down the road at the disappearing unicyclist.  The phone arcs beautifully through air, the blue backlighting standing in sharp contrast to the night sky and the orange streetlights.  Nearby pedestrians are mesmerized by its graceful trajectory.  When it lands in the spokes of the distant unicycle, sending the pie-covered rider face-first into a heap of trash, there is an audible gasp from you and your fellow gawkers.

But you have a pretty limited attention span and, your rage now vented, you turn away and wonder what to do next.

The End

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