You get up on stage, the MC introduces you, and gives you the mic. You look into the audience and freeze.

It isn't stage fright.  It's someone who has just walked into the back row.  Esmerelda. 

In a heartbeat you are transported back to a simpler time.  The year is 1986 and you are a barefooted young scamp tottering around the dampness of Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana.  Suddely an alligator the size of a buick springs out of the shallows, intent on giving you a submarine hug of the most  deadly sort.  But before the leviathan can strike a small hand grabs yours and pulls you to safety!  You turn to thank your rescuer but only have time to register the most peculiar turquoise coloured eyes before the owner darts away.  

Millions of dollars (that's a story for another time) and 23 years later you have only found out bits and pieces of information about your heroine.  A name.  Numerous blurry photographs taken from a distance.  You almost had her in Budapest and she barely escaped in Telgucigalpa, resorting to a makeshift parachute consisting of yellow ikea shopping bags, dental floss and scotch tape.

With a snap you come back to the present.  The show has ended, Gina has disappeared and you are face to face with those turquoise eyes.  You ask...

The End

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