A Lot Of Explaining To Be Done.Mature

My workload did not appear to be lessening and it had been a few days since I had heard Mr Cameron speaking to Mr Chung-Li-Wang; nothing more appeared to have been said. Of course, I did not hear every single thing which happened in that office (and in all honesty, knowing Mr Cameron's track record, I was glad of my occasional ignorance) but I did usually hear a lot of it and the prospect of a promotion did not seem to have been brought up again.

I was, to some extent, happy where I was. I was settling into the belief that Devechy had passed away with his (and probably my own - a thought which I tried to seldom think upon) people and that I would be left here which was, slowly but surely, developing into a concept I could see as manageable; even enjoyable, perhaps.

However, at this moment I happened to notice there were eyes on me. I looked up from my distracted typing into the President's weary eyes and he smiled sadly down at me.
"Miss Calloway, may I speak with you?"
I blinked at the formality. It was rare enough that he speak to me without a tone of jest or inappropriate implications throughout each sentence but he was even asking if I were okay with being spoken to; a luxury I near-enough never fell victim to.

This was important. I smiled at him and agreed; of course I would speak with him, he practically owned me - at least here, in his world, he did.
He gestured towards his office, as he had done many times before and for one of the first times I gladly chose to follow his finger's directional point.

"Laura, I trust you know of Mr Chung-Li-Wang's current issue?" The formality of his voice had lessened slightly although it still felt rather like an interview as we sat on opposite sides of his desk with similar, level looks on our faces.
I nodded; not knowing how to answer that question with words.
"After a sufficient number of reviews based on yourself," I shuffled slightly at the thought of being reviewed. "we - Mr Wang and I - have come to acknowledge the fact that you would be our safest option to be appointed as the Personal Assistant of the UN Secretary General." At this point he could not help but smile, a proud look filling his eyes, "This is an amazing opportunity Laura and I am glad it has been offered to you. You are extremely well-deserving… I am inclined to believe you are to be accepting this job?"
"Yes Mr Cameron, thank you so much."

And that was it. With those few words I was nodded at and then Mr Cameron proceeded to ask me to collect my things together and have the rest of the day off work so as to prepare for my new area of work tomorrow. I was also warned that the press would know about my promotion by now and therefore I would have to be slightly wary of myself as I leave - it was likely I would be harassed by some sort of reporter once leaving. I was then told that any information necessary for tomorrow could be found in my email within the next hour and that my uniform would not be changing in any way. His smile acted as a dismissal from both his office and my job and I took my leave, heading for my desk.

It did not take me long to clear it; few of the things covering its surface were mine or had any emotional attachment to me. Until very recently this job and this planet had meant nothing more to me than the mission told me it should.

All of the day had become a blurred daze, from being told that Mr Cameron and Mr Wang both felt I would be the best replacement PA for Mr Wang, through to the reporters outside talking of how my promotion would be in the news as I hurriedly stammered through their questions, up to the moment where I stood outside the door of my flat. I had been frantically trying to get the keys into the door so that I could just lie down and relax before reading the email waiting on my computer, for a few minutes with no success. Once again, I dropped the keys to the floor and sighed.

As I, for the third time, fell to the floor to retrieve them, my skin prickled and a chill ran through my spine as the same smooth voice I remembered from so long ago asked if I needed any help; amusement in his tone. I shook my head in disbelief. All of this time alone and now… now he shows up at my front door? And he isn’t explaining anything yet?! I could feel his presence behind me. I could hear him breathing. But he was dead wasn’t he? Dead-man walking… he must have got away before they hit that area.

I stood up and turned round to face him, daggers in my eyes and a deadly look painted across my face but as I opened my mouth to start yelling abuse at this... this ‘boy’ he too opened his mouth and hushed me with his hand.

“Before you say anything, I can explain.”

The End

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