“Right. Let’s get moving then.” I looked around at all the faces watching me. They all seemed ready for what was coming.

The waiter walked round the corner then with my coffee. Jen started packing the laptop away in her bag, but then I thought of something and put down my coffee. “Wait a minute, what planes are leaving Brandenburg Briest airport today... Please?”

“Uh, ye sure,” she mumbled as she placed it back onto the table, “just give me a minute.”

Why did I have to wake up on a planet with this amount of technology? Can’t I just have woken up on a planet with proper technology for once? Well at least Devechy was saving the planet with the best drink in the universe on it. I took another big swig of the liquid.

“Ok got it, the next one leaves at 2:30 but you’ll never get that one...”

“Wait what time is it?” I interrupted.

“2:05 in the afternoon,” she said glancing at the laptop, “as I was saying the only one that you could get is at 3:55.”

“It is a 25 hour day on Earth isn’t it?” I asked.

“No, 24” Nathan said who was looking ready to fall asleep on the table.

“Are you sure there are no planes leaving before then?” I had a plan forming in my head but we first needed to get out of Berlin, the Vorei already had too much information about our whereabouts.

“Well, a small plane is leaving at 3:06 but it’s fully booked out.”

“We’re taking that one,” I got up triggering the rest of them to start scrambling to grab all the things they had left on the table, “it’s not safe here anymore. The Vorei know I was buried here and without Devechy they may have thought you would come here. You didn’t exactly arrive quietly did you?”

“What, how are we going to get on that plane? You can’t even get through the barriers without tickets.” Nathan mumbled from his unmoving position on the tabletop.

“Who said anything about conventional departures?” I said, feeling a grin start to spread across my face.

“He’s right if we go through the passport checks and they’ll know where we are.” Mrs. Wellick said taking my side.

Drinking the last of the coffee I started to get up when a thought occurred to me, “How do you pay?”

A few minutes later

“Ah, here they are.” I said finally finding the strips of plastic I had been looking for in the backpack. Devechy was like me so much, thinking of everything. Nathan had taken out the spanner and quickly unscrewed the number plate from the back end of the car which I replaced with the German number plate and then did the same to the front before anyone noticed what we we're doing.

“What are you doing? That isn’t our car.” Jen whispered in my ear.

I sighed, “standard cover-up procedure, they've probably checked the... what is it, CCTV by now so they probably know what car you came here in. We go in that car and we could die.”

“What about the keys?”

I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out a set of keys. I pressed the unlock button and the car flashed its lights at her. Winking at her I walked round to passenger’s door and held it open for Mrs. Wellick, then walked round to the driver’s seat. Nathan, Joe and Jen all got in the back and put their seat belts on.

“Hold on.” I said and then slammed the pedal to the metal, rocketing down the high street, weaving between the cars. I went through the gears perfectly and the car seemed to fly beneath me. It was a Mercedes SLR, I made a mental note to get one of these for a private collection if I ever settled down enough to do that.

The news was playing on the radio and something caught my attention after I translated it back into my language.

...Laura Calloway has been promoted to Chung-Li Wang’s Personal assistant today...

“Where are we going?” Nathan said pulling himself forward against the G-Force.

“To catch a plane.”

The End

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