"Where's Devechy?" Rex McAllan asked. No-one answered. Jen had already collapsed on the floor, Joe was muttering to himself and couldn't take his eyes off his hand, Nathan just stood there and stared.

"Well?! One of you must know where Simon is because if you didn't then you wouldn't be here and zombie maker there wouldn't have brought me back to life. So one of you will answer my question in the next 10 seconds because I'm not bothered about killing you all."

"We don't know." Nathan finally said.

"What? What do you mean you don't know?"

"We would have told you by now if we knew. You know just as much as we do because his last instructions for us were to find you."

"Huh? That makes no sense. Simon is just like me, he always has a plan, he wouldn't do this I'm sure." Rex paused.

"Where are we?"

"This chamber is somewhere under the Berlin Wall." Rex peered over at Hitler's body in the glass chamber next to him. "Before you ask I don't know why you were buried next to Hitler, I would find it quite insulting to be stored next to a dictator." Nathan answered.

"I agree. Wait did you say Berlin? My Earth teacher told me that Berlin was the capital city of Germany? How have you managed to find me without drawing attention from the Vorei?"

"Mrs. Wellick is outside guarding the entrance. She has the ability to make anyone forget what they saw in the past half an hour. We have to get out quick and cover up our tracks."  Rex nodded in acknowledgement but paused to think of a plan. He then took out a strange pen looking device from Jen's bag and clicked on the back. A small dart popped out and hit Jen in the arm.

"OW!" she shouted. "What did you do that for?"

"It's an anti-slepressant. It wakes up dormant neurones that may have sent you into a coma. Maybe a strong dose I know but, oh well you seem fine. And when we do find Devechy I must thank him for preparing you three with all the right kit."He rubbed his hands in anticipation while a smile appeared on his face.

"Well since I'm on Earth the first thing we should do is get a Human coffee and then think of where Devechy would leave some clues. That's all I've got for now. Let's go." He walked past the still dazed Joe while dragging him by the arm and the others followed.

As they closed the trap door and covered it up they didn't see the finger twitch.

"So Mrs. Wellick? Shavritu I presume? Simon told me he planned to work with you. I'm Rex by the way." Rex kissed her hand."Now, who fancies a human coffee?" They all followed him sheepishly while Mrs. Wellick continued to blush.

Minutes later

"Mmm. That hits the spot. Okay Jen drag out your laptop for us, I want to look at some of these entries.”

“You won’t really find anything more than we’ve already told you Rex, and it wouldn’t hurt to add in a please once in a while.” Rex turned to give Jen a hard stare but softened it and looked apologetic when he realised she looked hurt.

“Ok sorry. Well can you tell me what programmes he had on his computer? Please?”

“Um, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Gravitex music player, Filesizer… Oh.” Everyone else realised at the same time as her. Jen quickly turned back to the documents centre and scanned the screen until she found a tiny miniscule folder barely noticeable to the naked eye. She opened it and there was Simon, giving his true last entry.

Hi guys. I knew you would figure this out eventually. Rex, welcome back man.” Simon wiped a tear from his eyes and Nathan noticed Rex was doing the same.

Anyway I have a plan for you Rex, I knew you wouldn’t be able to think up one yourself ya big lump.” They both chuckled at this. Wow, Nathan thought, they must be really close.

Ok here’s what you’re going to need to do. I have a friend working undercover as the chairman for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and her mission is to infiltrate the UN council and prevent the World from choosing to have a World Government. You’re going to have to meet her in New York before the next debate to give her a message. You don’t need to worry about it yourself, once you’ve told her you will need to track down the scientists who are developing the nano-chips. Kill them. Simple. I know it sounds ruthless but that’s why you’re going to be in charge of that Rex. The most important thing to remember is that they can’t get a hold of you Rex, if they do, we’ll have doomed the human race. Ok what you need to tell Laura may scare her, but that’s why you’re going to be there to support her. What I need her to do now is once she has become Chung-Li-Wang’s PA, you have to kidnap his grandson so that you can arrange a meeting with him.”

“What’s a PA?” Rex asked.

“It stands for Personal Assistant.” Jen replied.

“Sounds more like a demotion to me.”

“Well it could, but then by being the General Secretary’s PA she will be able to get info into all the latest and deepest discussions. I see why it would be useful to get that job.” A waiter walked over to collect the empty drinks.

“Will that be all sir?”

“Actually I’d like another coffee please?”

“Which one? Mocca, Espresso, Decaf?” Rex gave the waiter a puzzled look.

“Umm. Whichever one I had last time.”

"By then I should be in a safe enough location to describe to him the situation, and even if I can’t talk, you’ll be able to explain well enough. The re-election for the UN is in 2 months, but if we can get him to step down then it will be moved a lot quicker. She will be able to run for the position because she has the experience of being a Secretary for the UK. I know this is a lot to take on board but you’re the only people I have left who I can rely on. I’m sorry. Good luck.” The screen turned off as Rex closed the laptop.

“Right. Let’s get moving then.”

Someones hand began to twitch. He was no longer at peace.

The End

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