Last minutesMature

 The Vorei stood above me watching the blood starting to well out between my fingers which were clamped firmly over the large hole his gun had made in my chest. The smirk that was forming on his face was unmistakably gleeful as he turned his back to me sure that I would die before I could do anything. Slowly, grimacing with the pain of it I forced one of my arms to start dragging me towards the console. It felt like a deadweight was tied to my arm, making my arm move as if moving through thick mud.

 Slowly I dragged myself up on one of the railings, propping myself up on it. A low moan escaped my lips and the pain in my chest seemed to double. I was finding it hard to breath. Looking up I stared out of the bubble roof that covered the ships bridge, the stars winked back at me.

 The Vorei still had his back turned with his gun now tucked securely back in its holster. My hand slowly reached for my own pistol, I slowly dragged it out and raised it to point his unprotected back. The anger then overcame the pain and my hand stopped shaking and without hesitating again I pulled the trigger straight and true and the base of the skull.

 He slid sickeningly down onto the floor and I winced from the pain and disgust. I stumbled forward to the control panel hitting hit my side and cried out in pain but did not distract myself. I reprogrammed the engines for a collision course with the nearest star then locked the command into the hard drive with a master code of my own making which I promptly downloaded onto my Porta stick then shut down all other commands. The ship was doomed, they would never retrace the course of the ship before it was sucked into the gravity well of the star.

 Suddenly alarms started screaming all through the pitch black ship warning of the imminent collision. They didn't sound quite right almost as if they were not quite real; my ears seemed to be slightly out, as if I had cotton wool in them. Collapsing to my knees I looked up and saw a group of security guards run into the room, strangely blurry figures framed by the blackness that seemed to be eating my very mind and soul. Looking round I saw the flashing of and escape pod and stumbled over to it with my hand still firmly clamped over the whole in my chest and threw my body in, Taking the master code with me. I felt several other lances of fire rip their way through my flesh as the guards opened fire. The bullets bite had pierced deep into my flesh, I couldn’t breathe.

 It was hard to move, my body was shutting down, I could only just make my body move enough to disengage from the mother ship. I collapsed down on my back watching as the Vorei ship slowly drifted away, watching as a cloud of escape pods also disengaged.

 It was strangely comforting to hear Devechy shouting over the head-com, hitting the screen as if it would change the picture, but it wasn’t the camera, I was going to die, but I would not die alone...

 “Bye... ... ... Devechy............. I...”I forced my lips to move but with each syllable I could feel them getting heavier and heavier. The blackness continued to eat at my vision until... until...


The last remaining part of me was swallowed, finally giving in to the blackness. Gone, the blackness held me embraced me, killed me.


After what seemed to be forever yet no time at all I felt a pull, a tug. Nothing. Then a drag, as if someone was trying to pull me out of the blackness. I saw it then a brightening, warmth on my skin, with a splutter my heart restarted. I could feel the air, warm as it rushed down my strangely dry throat.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!” I half shouted as my stomach muscles ripped my torso upright. I gasped as I looked around at the small crowd gathered around my, I gulped, resting place. They seemed human; they all stared at me as if I was a ghost. I had been dead though... how was I breathing, how was I alive...

 "Where’s Devechy?...” I said to the boy whose hand was still hovering near my chest which strangely, was glowing, purple.

The End

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