They sat in silence while Henry flew the plane. They had the whole plane to themselves with every piece of luxury they could want, but no-one was really in the mood. They had discovered that Henry was, well pretty much a cyborg. He had been given the ability to merge with technology and control or modify it. This was how he managed to control the plane so easily. Jen didn't like the eerie silence.

"So how did you become linked to Simon? After all these years we've never really asked anything about you."

"That's a long story and I don't really want to explain. By the way how is your cheek?" Jen was still holding a paper towel to her face but the bleeding had slowly stopped.

"Yeah. I'm okay. So what are we going to do when we land in Berlin, there will probably be police swarming all over the place. We might get arrested the moment we land!"

"We're not landing in Berlin."

"Huh? Then how are we going to get to the Berlin Wall. That's where Rex's body is." The plane started to change. One second there were 20 seats on flight 82, the next second there were 40.

"How are you doing this? This is impossible!"

"Don't underestimate the things I can do with technology Jen, now let me explain the plan. But first, you must choose a side, as the plane splits into 2 there will be too replicas of the plane and two replicas of me. I can count as a cyborg as you would call it or I can count as part of the plane. I suggest you sit on the left side of the plane because that is where the original copy of me lies, I still have emotions. The other version of me doesn't. If the Vorei got a hold of my replica they would be able to control it but only I can control myself. Choose now, the walls are about to form!" Nathan, Joe and Jen sat on the left side of the plane, still not understanding what was going on.

"Have you chosen left?"

"Yes, yes we have!" Joe cried. "Now what happens?"

"Now when the other plane  splits off it will land in Berlin airport where they will only discover me. Joe you told me once you had driven a boat, is this true?"

"For like 10 seconds. What has this got to do with..."

"Well you're gonna have to make them last longer than ten seconds." The replica of flight 82, now only connected by the tip of the wing, broke off and changed direction.

"Now Joe, I am going to descend our plane and turn it into a boat just before we hit the water. When the replica plane lands at Berlin I am going to have to jump off the side of the boat, that is when you take the controls."

"What are you crazy?! Why would you kill yourself?!"

"Before the plain split I activated a self-destruction mode in the core of my brain, so it is inside of me as well as in my replica. I had to do it before the plane split because I cannot change pre-set controls to my replica body because I'm not a part of it. When the plane lands it will explode. They will think you are dead, from then on you are dead, understood?" They nodded their heads in reluctant agreement.

"My wife will meet you at the Kroslin port, north-west of Berlin. Don't worry Joe if you don't know how to get there I have slipped in a sheet into Jen's bag that gives you the co-ordinates from where we land to the port. Sometime between then and the port I must jump before I explode, tell my wife that I love her and if you see Simon tell him it was an honour pretending to be his dad."

"You can't do this Henry! This sounds completely ridiculous!" Jen exclaimed.

"I'm sorry you three, this is what I had to do if you didn't want to be captured at Berlin. When you meet my wife she will drive you to Berlin. Don't worry, she has a custom made car fast enough to get you to the Berlin Wall in under an hour, after all we don't want to waste time in case the Vorei decide to believe you haven't actually died. She has the power to make people to forget everything someone has seen within the last half an hour. That should give you enough time to dig down to a trap door that leads down to the preserving chamber where should find Rex and Hitler's body. You know what you have to do when you get there, don't you Joe?" Joe gulped, he wasn't prepared, he didn't feel prepared, what he would do defies logic. Doesn't it?

"What can he do? You've never actually told me what you can do Joe." Nathan enquired. Silence, Joe had disappeared into his mind, un-wanting to accept what was going on...

The last few hours were flashing back to Joe. The splash-down, Henry exploding deep under the ocean, a weight had been tied to his feet so he couldn't swim back up. Horrible. Meeting Mrs. Wellick, he didn't see her as the same anymore, not the kind, loving face she usually put on could be seen but a deeply concentrated frowning face was there instead. The shovels. He had shivered at the sight of them. When they had arrived at the Berlin wall everyone had stared at them in amazement, and the next moment they hadn't. They avoided the space where nothing existed. Digging. It felt despicable, like he was digging up a grave. Well he was, but being Hitler's didn't make it any better. Now he was staring at Rex's body. It had just been left there to rot, but according to Mrs. Wellick she had seen him being placed there only a week ago.

"Are you ready Joe?" Jen looked at him worryingly.

"I don't want to do this."

"I know, I know but remember we're doing this for Simon okay?"

"For Simon. Okay." He hovered his hand above Rex's heart, trembling as it neared closer to his waiter-style uniform. His hand touched Rex's chest, just above where his heart was. Nothing. Joe quickly drew his hand back, panting with relief.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!". The corpse sat up straight and gasped for air. Rex looked up at the three of them. His eyes then narrowed on Joe, his stare steely and deadly. Joe realised that his hand was glowing purple.

"Where’s Devechy?...”

The End

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