Ok. Ok Joe calm down. This is all in your head. I felt crazy, totally and utterly insane and mad. I'd just witnessed a video diary with my best friend claiming he was an alien and that the whole world would be enslaved within a few months. I was nuts. Right?

"I've changed you all" I couldn't get that out of mind. But I was starting to worry, Jen had left 25 minutes ago and she hadn't replied to any of my texts or phone calls.       "I've changed you all." She'd gone to the shops right? "They told me that they had buried his body next to the very man that tried to control his own race once before, Hitler." He was asking me to find Rex's (presumably) dead body. No. Impossible, if that was the case then.... That's when I saw, saw how stupid I was.

"Joe. Joe? You won't believe what's just happened to me..." She had just appeared right before my eyes. First I thought I was hallucinating, I had seen nothing more than her shadow, then a face, then Jen.

"Tell me this isn't happening. Say it Jen. Or are you just a figure of my lunatic imagination?!"

"I'm sorry Joe. I'm quite certain, this is real." I think I passed out, because next thing I know there's Jen slapping my face, and enjoying it of course.

"Joe. Joe, wake up you..." Oh you're awake." Where was I? Still in Jen's room. She was holding a conker. Spherically perfect and with a milky brown colour that was unforgettable.

"Sconker." My favourite thing in the whole wide world. I had found it when I was 5 and lost it when I was 12. I was so upset about that. "This is real isn't it?" I asked, already knowing the response.

"Yes Joe. And if I can time-travel then that means you can-"

"Yeah I know. And Nathan. We have to find him, and Hitler's grave. I don't want to though."

"Couldn't agree more." We stared at each other for a few seconds in awkward silence, not daring to ask how insane the other person was because we were already both on the same wavelength.

“Every website I've already checked says he was burnt. And that the locations of where his ashes were scattered, yeah, there are more than one, are unknown." I didn't even bother to ask her how she had done that so fast, another answer we both knew.

"So how are we going to find this Rex then?

“Well I think I've cracked it." I smiled at her. Oh Jen. What would we ever do without you.

" Hey. Hey! Listen! Most of these websites say that after the cremation, Soviet troops took the charred corpses and after post-mortem examinations were confirmed by one scientist alone. The rest of it about being completely burnt and buried somewhere near the Danube is total rubbish. There's only one explanation. The scientist was wrong. I think that Hitler's remaining servants didn't burn him, didn't get taken by soviet troops and instead his body was placed under the shadow of the monument that symbolises all of the suffering Germany has faced, the Berlin Wall." She was good, wasn't she?

"But how do we get to Germany? I can't afford that. Neither can you."

"Well that's not entirely true. When he hugged us on that Tuesday, when he gave us our powers, he slipped an envelope into my hands, he told me only to open it when the time was right."

"You knew? And you didn't tell me?! Why?"

"I don't know." She looked down with a guilty look on her face. "I'm sorry."

"Well come on then! Open it." We jumped over the side of the bed and opened it with rabid fingers. Money, definitely enough to get us to Berlin.

"How does he know all this, it's like he's pre-planned this and known about it for ages."

" That, I'm sure will always remain a mystery." I replied...

The two of them stared at me, waiting to reply, I'd just seen the video-entry, I already knew half of it because of my dad. The image of the red circle on my forehead was a distant shadow now. But I just cried, I simply sat there and babbled like a baby.

"I'm sorry okay? I can't. Haven't I suffered enough? I've told you everything. I want to come but I don't think I can..." I stopped myself, putting my hand over my mouth. I had to stop talking. Every word that now dribbled out was a drop of poison, a cocktail of deception and breaching free-will.

"That's true Nathan, you have suffered enough." Proof. "That's why you're going to come with us and redeem yourself, make it up to him."

I simply looked at them, knowing that I would have no choice, but I'd noted Joe's expression the whole time, it hadn't worked, my words had no effect on him.

"I don't care Voreman. You're coming with us"...             

The End

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