His eyes danced mischievously as he leaned forward towards me. Unsure of his exact intentions I looked down at my desk momentarily before looking back up at him with a look which once would have been surprise. After almost a year of seeing that look in his eyes followed by a 'brush' across my leg or an attempt at the kiss he would never receive; from something as small as a few carefully chosen words in my ear, to an explanation of what he would like to do if we were under different circumstances - after this for the past year or so, I hardly expected any less than the invitation he just offered me. Apparently he had a bit of free time and thought I would be willing to take up some of the time. Sickening man.
After informing him that I, regrettably, had a great deal of work to be doing and politely telling him that he really should call his wife back, he let me be with a roll of his eyes and his same, over-used statement:
“Ah, Laura Calloway; what would I do without you?”. Get a new assistant?
In all honesty, I have not helped myself. I had a full range of choice when I first came here: Blonde, brunette, white skin, dark skin, tall, short, thin, fat. But I was not stupid. I knew, and still know now that, in this World, a woman does not get very far without some good looks and considering where I had been hoping to get to – I needed the looks if I could have them.
Glancing at the small pile of papers waiting to be checked over or explained or signed or shredded or copied, I let my mind take me back to those eventful few days when I learnt of Devechy, the man whom people here would know as Simon, agreed to help him no matter what the cost may be and thus came to this World.

 “Laura, do you think you’ll have a chance to go down to the Kuefechlion barrier today? It is not as though it is far out of your way and they have been calling for you again.” My 'room-mate' (as Humans would name her; at least, that is the closest translation there is) had been pestering me for the past day about this.
“Do you have any idea why they are calling for me? I really do not have a lot of time today. I have to go over to the medical centre to check in on my mother, and I am working all day. You know what it is like at work Carmen.”
“They would not tell me a thing. Which means it is important! Why not make a visit down there before you go to see your mother? It is pretty much on the way…” She pulled a face as an implication that I was just being lazy and I sighed.
“If it is that important then I suppose I have to go. Could you tell Aria that I may be late in? I should probably leave now for the barrier, who knows how long it could take.”
With a smile and a nod from Carmen, I left the room, got the equivalent of a Taxi and from the drop off point, wandered down to the barrier to be met by a mixed group of Réaticulon and Kuefechlion men who all watched me with clear concern in their eyes.
There was a great deal of fussing as all was being sorted at the barrier; I had to be taken through a maze of passageways and roads of which I have entirely forgotten the way and forced to have an intense talk with one of the guards on the topic of never giving out the co-ordinates of the place I was about to enter. After assuring him an incredibly large amount of times that I had quite literally no idea where we were or, in fact, how we had got here, he decided that all was well with me and let me pass through to the next room where all the men had already begun talking.
Suddenly, a whole new race had been brought to my attention. The Vorei. Yet, it was not so much that they were new to me – far from it – it was the new ideas which were being told to me. I knew the Vorei were bad news, everyone did, but this was out of this World… of course, because it was and still is all about the Humans. The men were telling me that the Vorei were targeting the races, that our races had no chance any longer but the humans had a chance – the few here who could travel through time had seen that the Humans could still survive but we all could not. We would fight but we could not win. I feared the Vorei, I had seen them do… such terrible things to species of this Universe, any species alike.
Then Devechy spoke. He told me that he wanted to save the Humans; even though we had no chance, the Humans deserved to live on and the Vorei did not deserve to take any more lives.
And that was the moment. When young Devechy turned to me and showed how self-less he was. That was the moment I realised I could never say no to this boy; I would stick by him no matter what would happen to me. If we Réaticulon had something similar to the Keufechlion 'Galifrat' then that is what he would have become to me in that moment.
It was not long afterwards that I was leaving. I had my mission: learn until I can learn no more, work hard and do whatever it takes to get to the highest point possible for me to work my way into. And then, once reaching that point, wait. Devechy would return.

 That was three Human years ago when I had arrived here, taking on the age of eighteen. And now? Now I am the secretary to the Prime Minister and I am still rising.
I could hear Mr Cameron talking on the phone, he was speaking to the UN Secretary General, Chung-Li-Wang about his need for a new Personal Assistant – of course it had to be somebody they trusted. Somebody smart who understood the way everything works around here.
But it had been three years. Three years of this life. Although the humans are fascinating creatures with such intricacy in their body's and minds that I could study them for the next millennia; I had spent three years away from my family; three years away from my friends; three years away from everything I love all for a boy and the human race. Well where is the boy now? Where is Devechy now? Now that I am nearly there, why is he not here? Does he even know what is happening with me; does he know how close I am?
Or maybe he died with the rest of his race which has surely been targeted by now... If so, where will I go when all of this is over? If it ever ends.
I would give anything just to go back. I would give anything to see Carmen and my mother again but I cannot go back, until somebody with more power than me comes for me, I can go nowhere. They all got the power; I got the brains.

Devechy, you coward, where the hell are you? I've been waiting too long now. 

The End

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