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Time-travel. Time-travel. Tiiime, trraaavelll. I still tried to convince myself that this was all some alien dream. Sugar! How much time had I spent outside the house trying to grasp this new concept instead of trying to find some clues? Too long. I ran through the door, up the stairs and into Simon's bedroom. Funny that. I ran through the door but my feet were solid going up the stairs, something else to explore when this was all over and done with. He was still setting up his webcam, damn! I needed to wait until he left the house or went downstairs until I could search his draws. I peered at his desktop screen while he was connecting his webcam and microphone. Mozilla, Chrome, media player, file sizer, games... Normal. There was nothing that could give another clue. I scowled as I grew more and more frustrated. As I paced around the room I heard Simon talking. Not to me of course, this was his last entry! I had to listen in, this was the only one that neither I nor Joe had read yet.

"I came on this Earth to save the human population. I was so foolish, thinking I could do this on my own. Rex is dead, the Vorei will prevail and I will have failed."

What was he talking about? Who was Rex, and the Vorei? Was this related to Nathan Vore or something? He was talking like he was an alien or something, ridiculous, preposterous even! Well, not quite. Not as ridiculous as wanting to commit suicide while having a great life with great friends and family. Not as strange as befriending his worst enemy and ditching his best friends. Not as ridiculous as being able to time-travel. I listened intently to everything he had to say, and somehow, it even made sense. Was I going crazy? Yes. Definitely. But why suicide? What was making him desperate to live and die at the same time?

"I've given the Vorei leader the ability to control minds..."

I gasped. It was like the realisation of everything that was happening that explained Simon and his actions had just hit me like a netball in the face. The weird hugs. The way he ran. How he couldn't play football but could throw a ball half a mile. I started to silently cry. Tears streamed down my cheeks like Niagra Falls and I couldn't stop. "Oh Simon! I'm so sorry. I didn't know! How could I have known? But I should have, oh my god what's going to happen to us? Are we going to die? Simon, please talk to me!" Of course he could hear nothing.

"This is Simon Wellick signing out."

Simon switched off and packed away his equipment. He started writing on what looked like an abnormally large post-it note. Jen. I have rigged my laptop so that all the files and programmes on my laptop will delete themselves in 20 minutes. Joe and yourself should be here in 15. By my radar compass the Vorei should be arriving in half an hour. This should give past you enough time to copy my video-diary. Whatever you do don't let your past selves leave any trace of me or them for the Vorei to find, that could jeopardize the whole moment at this crucial stage. P.S This message will self-destruct in 15 seconds. Once I had finished writing, the note disintegrated into a little pile of ash. I brushed the remains off into his paper bin next to his desk; I didn't remember seeing that the last time I came here. When I turned round he was gone. Right, time to go to work. I reached for the closest draw to the desk and my hand passed right through it. I started to scowl but stopped myself. Focus Jen. I bet the only reason why you were able to climb those stairs was because you willed it. I slowly formed what my fingers would feel like around the handle, closed my eyes and imagined pulling it open. It worked. But my hand wasn't even near the handle. Wow! I had become some sort of poltergeist! I levitated the papers out of the draw and checked through them all. Nothing. I put them back, closed the next draw and opened another. Nothing again. I started flying all his papers across the room, frantic and desperate to find a hint, a clue, something.      But still nothing. All that was left was the video diary. But I had seen every entry; Joe must have too by now. I wonder how he felt? I looked around at the catastrophe I'd created. Hehe. So that was how this room became a mess when I'd got here. I heard whispering. It was me.

"Shh! Be quiet Joe. He might still be inside."

"Why is the gate open?"

"I don't know actually. Hello? Mrs Wellick? Simon? Is anyone here?" I am.             I'm here.

"Jen. There's no-one there, and I mean literally no-one. And have you seen the state of his room? We should go investigate."

"Exactly." I watched them walk upstairs and gawp at the state of Simon's room. Ooops. My bad.

"Have you noticed that everything has been moved except his laptop? I am definitely going to check that out."

"I'm really worried about him Jen, what are we gonna do?"

You'll find out Joe, soon enough.

"We'll find out Joe, soon enough."

"Is that all there is? Never mind, go back and copy all the contents of the folder"

"That’s what I'm doing. Right, there I'm done. Quick let’s get out of here!" I watched them as they dashed at of the room and out the house. I wandered back into Simon's room and cried in despair as I noticed what I had missed. The lid! The memory stick lid! My memory stick lid was lying on the side of the laptop with a little label with Jen written on. Simon said the Vorei would be here any second now, they would find the lid, they would find me. I started to tremble with panic. I needed to get back. I needed to tell Joe. This madness, it was all real, and I had just made my first mistake.

My body started to fade away and my hand was starting to slip through my own heart as I slipped back through time to Joe...


The End

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