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"I came on this Earth to save the human population. I was so foolish, thinking I could do this on my own. Rex is dead, the Vorei will prevail and I will have failed. If you ever get to watch this, my friends, then I must apologize. The secrets I've kept from you for so long, I feel ashamed. I can't show you my true form, they'll find out I haven't committed suicide yet. I'm not really 13, that’s the age I made my human body to hide my identity. I am actually 17 in Kuefechlion years. This is why I'm not at home anymore and this is why I can't speak to you. I should start from the beginning. My real name is Devechy, but in english human language this roughly translates as Simon. I'm the last one of my kind now, there was my Galifrat, Rex, but he's dead, dying honourably of course, trying to save another dying race. A Galifrat isn't really a soul mate; it’s more like a partner slash best friend. But don't think for a second that knowing you guys wasn't worth it.

(sobs) It's in my head. The desire, the longing for death. One part of me spurs me on to finish what I was destined to do, the other one screams at me to die. But I know, I have you, and the guilt of letting another species die just for the Vorei's purposes is too great to make me give in completely. I feel so stupid trying to get you all to help me, I've changed you all, it was meant to be for the better, but I've probably just doomed you.

The reason for which the Vorei have come here is because they know of the human race's future. They know how you will accomplish your goals of reaching the stars and inhabiting other planets. The future of humans that has been documented in history is said to have durated until the last moment in time. That’s why they are here. Time travel only became possible in the last few minutes of the universe's existence and they managed to slip back through time to about 1500 A.D. Since then they have been wiping out or enslaving the population of every race that is to become prosperous in space so that the Vorei may own the galaxy and all of time, for eternity. They may have hidden here as politicians, bankers, news anchors, trying to change humans' attitudes to life to make them suitable for slavery. Currently they are developing nano-chips that are to be inserted into every new born human from 2012. This will allow them to control your emotions, your immune system and act as a second nervous system. They will be able to hear your thought, your desires... your plans. If you don't live life according to the rules they set out, then they will simply shut you down from the inside out. They will give you a long, slow and painful death and burn all the bodies in incinerating chambers.

I came here to stop them, ridiculous that sounds now, being on my own and all. I've given the Vorei leader the ability to control minds, of course if his plans succeed and he will become the World President, then he will try to make it seem like he is giving humans a choice. He will only need to control the minds of human kind to willingly accept the nanochips, but after that you will have a "choice" and your life will be led in gut-wrenching misery. If the Vorei get their hands on this video-diary I will have definitely lost, but now, I don't see why I can have any hope at all. Rex is dead, here somewhere apparently, but I'm sure they're just taunting me. That's it! Joe, if you're reading this, if you're watching, you need to find Rex McAllan. They told me that they had buried his body next to the very man that tried to control his own race once before Hitler. I don't know where that is, but if you do, find him. Don't think I'm crazy for a second Joe. This is real, what you can do now, I need your help, and Jen's and Nathan's. If he's willing. Find him, get Jen and find my Galifrat's body. There's only 3 weeks until New Years Day. The UN  have already begun to consider the idea of a World Government for 2012 and their decision will probably be made a few days before, I have one person working undercover as the secretary for the Prime Minister. They go frequently to the UN meetings and they are thinking of promoting her to be the Personal Assistant of the UN Secretary General, Chung-Li-Wang. That doesn't mean she will be able to change his mind when they consider a World Government.

Do what you have to guys; it’s up to you really to save human kind. And how did I know it was you, you might ask? Hehe. Sometimes I just know. This is Simon Wellick signing out.

The End

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