All the Wrong Moves (part 2)Mature

The day Simon joined the school was the day he came back for me. That’s what he said at least but I know now how my father lies. He started with an apology, a big, fake fiasco that drew tears to the eyes of gathering mums that began to circle the commotion. Part of me wanted to give in and hug him, the other part told me to do what was right and kick him up the balls. But he hugged me first, there was nothing I could do, after that for some reason I started to lap up every word he told me. I had completely forgotten how he had abandoned me, how he didn’t want to be found. He asked me about Simon. I told him all I knew; he was a bof, too smart for primary school, maybe a child genius. All he told me was to watch him at first, then to hate him, then to make every single second of his life a misery. I tried. He didn’t care, he had too good friends to make him think of committing suicide. All I ever really felt towards him was jealousy, jealousy for him having the perfect brain, the perfect friends, the perfect life. All I had was a brain-dead group of followers and a bunch of C grade coursework. I knew what I had done was wrong, completely wrong. I cried and cried for days, not knowing how to make it up to him. Dad never found out about this, he only visited when he had new orders to give me and the last time was a few weeks ago. One day I came up to him at school before his friends arrived and I poured out an apology like I had never done before. All I wanted was to be friends with him, he understood. Within a week he had invited me round to his house, he told me I was ready, I was important enough to receive a present. I had no idea what that meant but I was too psyched to care. I had a real friend now. Someone I could hang out with without them hanging off every single word I spoke. We had mutual respect for each other.

When I came round he asked me the weirdest question ever. “If there was something you could change about yourself what would it be?” I blinked at him. “Well I know I have you as a friend, and trust me you’re great, but, I wish I could make people think about me how I wanted them to. I’m fed up of being misjudged you know?” He put one hand on his heart and the other on my shoulder. “Nathan. I’m sure that from now on people will start to treat you how you want to be treated. You’re a good guy. It’s what you deserve. I nodded, profoundly struck by his kind words. I never realized what he could do until now. I wish I had never known.

“Nathan. I think it is time I tell you the reasons behind why we have tried to push Simon to his death. For 12 years now I have been the head of a media empire that controls every single mainstream newspaper that is read by over 100,000 people per year. In this business I own News International, BSkyB and News Corp, practically everything.”

“What are you talking about? You’re talking bullshit!”

“Please Nathan let me finish. Myself and my business partners have been trying to locate and crush the hidden competition that distributes the truth on everyday matters. What we have managed to convince the majority of the public is that all these secret media truth-tellers spin mere conspiracies that are told to create doubt about the world we live in. They are correct, we are the spin-doctors. But recently we had gained information about a young boy named Simon Wellick who has been rumoured to be what we know as a Kuefichlion Angel.

“You’re mad. You’ve been in a mental institution all these years haven’t you?!”

“SHUT UP NATHAN!!” He yelled at me. “I hoped I would be able to explain it myself but you’ve given me no choice.” He pulled a small torch looking thing out of his briefcase and placed it against his forehead. He winced as it flashed blue and then slowly removed it, leaving a small red mark on his forehead that began to fade away.

“Get away from me you freak! Who are you?! You’re not my dad! Go away!” He put the device against my head. How naive I was. I knew now. I knew his purpose. A villain, a criminal. He couldn’t get away with this. “Don’t do it. Please don’t kill him. He’s my friend! He never did anything to hurt you, so don’t touch him. Please dad. If you love me, don’t do this.”

He stared at me, his eyes twitching. I’m sure that from now on people will start to treat you how you want to be treated. I had told him what I wanted, that’s all. I had compelled him, I could change people’s feelings and emotions. I had stopped him.

“YOU STUPID BOY! He’s touched you hasn’t he? He’s changed your genetics. You fool! This proves what we thought was right. Now tell me where he is so I can get my own power and then I will have to get someone else to dispose of this creature from hell. He slapped me hard and I collapsed on the floor, I couldn’t stop sobbing. What had I done? I had exposed Simon’s deepest secret and uncovered another that would contribute to his demise. I felt disgusted with myself.

 Oh Simon, I’m so sorry.

The End

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