All the Wrong Moves (part 1)Mature

My name's Nathan Vore. I've lived in England all my life. I live with my mum, and that’s it. When I was little we were like best friends. We did almost everything together, played in the park, went to the theme parks and on top of that my mum was great friends with all the parents of my friends. We were the perfect mother and son team. I never even cared about where my dad had buggered off to. If he had cared then he wouldn't have abandoned me 2 days after I was born. The thing is even when my mum asked me if I ever wanted to contact my dad we could never really get a hold of him. It’s like he had disappeared off the face of the Earth. But like I said I didn't care. Maybe I should have. I've never been good at school. I've never been best at P.E, or languages, maths, history or anything; I've only ever averaged enough to satisfy my teachers. I got an A once, that felt amazing, to be good at something. I mean, of course I had to contain my excitement because, as we all know, "Nathan's too cool to care,". That’s why I've always said to my mum, "Don’t worry, when I leave school, I'll make a new name for myself. Change my looks, my name and then I can start again. We can get back to where we used to be, but as an adult." My mum hates me now. Nowadays we get into rows about everything. My homework, grades, responsibility, dad. I remember when Simon joined the school. I wish he hadn’t. He should have stayed wherever he was. He drew to much attention to himself. If he had stayed where he was I wouldn't have bullied him. And he wouldn't have drawn attention to my dad...

The End

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