Oh my God. A double decker 4 cheese sandwich! I officially love Jen's sister. The last time I had one of these was before.. we stole your video diary. I don't feel so hungry anymore. Jen will be back soon, I'm sure. She's probably just gone off to the corner shop to get some milk for her sis. You know how she can get cranky if there's no milk for her tea when she gets back from work. I'm not sure why she didn't tell me though. Oh well, I'm guessing she doesn't want to distract me or something. Man you are not cool for doing this, you know that I love her, but we both know she loves you too, and this, this suicide is driving her nuts. Driving me nuts too. If I'm gonna figure out how to help you I'm actually gonna have to start watching some of these entries.  

How was I at school? How did I get here? I swear I was sitting on my bed no more than two seconds ago. From the bed to the bench, I had no idea what had happened imbetween. Time-travel? No. But there was no other explanation for it, I said that I wanted to come back here and I did. I felt like such a hypocrite. For so long I mocked peers when they obsessed about having powers, now I could time-travel. It all made sense now. He hugs me, asks what I want and I say time-travel. And now I have it. Does that mean Joe got what he asked for too? Once I had got over the realization of what happened I looked around. Miss! Mrs Jeaner! Did you see what just happened? She ignored me. Miss? Hello! Don’t you think it’s a bit rude to start ignoring students? Still nothing. Then I became angry. I reached over to grab the nearest branch and tear all the leaves off in frustration. My hand went straight through. What did that make me? Some sort of “ghost of the past”? No, I was smarter than that. I could travel back in time but I couldn’t interact with it. Or change it. It made perfect sense, physics was my best subject and in theory if someone went back in time and changed the future then they would have made a parallel universe. And that would be bad, very bad. Not being able to change the past reassured me. No it didn’t. That’s why I came here, to fix things, to stop Simon from wasting his life. I then saw him running away from past me and Joe, their expressions dazed and confused at what had just happened. The hug. Did my forehead wrinkle that much? Okay Jen, focus. Vanity, a habit I needed to fix. I turned around. Where was Simon running off to? The boys’ toilets. Oh well, it’s not like they'll see me. I shoved my head through the door to check no-one else was inside.  I wafted in and watched him walk into a cubicle and lock the door. Good. That’s what I expected. I shoved my head in through the door to see if he was recording an entry for his video diary. Sometimes I can be so intelligent and stupid at the same time. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to un-see that. Ok, so Simon was only taking a dump. This wasn’t why I travelled back in time. I came here to find out what was up with that boy. I wanted to see everything that happened from the moment he stepped into his house, not listen to him express his constipation. I was there. Cool. Just like that. I was starting to enjoy this. As Simon walked past, completely oblivious to my presence, I stared at the second floor where his bedroom laid. Last time I was here myself and Joe had invaded his bedroom, stripping it of his deepest confessions. Well, we'd taken a copy of them, but still.  This time I felt almost afraid of the house. Like there was something there before we had gone in. A shiver went down my spine. I was about to trespass once again.

The End

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