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Have you already mentioned last Tuesday?

“Yes Joe, I have. Sheesh! You have got to get over that. What about the first day of spring term, remember that? He came round your house while I was there, well, you can finish the rest. You know we’re both meant to be recording this video diary.

How has that got any relevance? Umm...

"You want to go to the toilet, don't you?” 

Thanks Jen. I promise I'll do the next one. Bye Simon.

How could you do this to us Simon? We've been your friends for 4 years and the only secret you ever decide to keep from us is that you're planning to commit suicide?! Joe's still too shell-shocked to even talk about it. And have you seen his elbows turn all pink and scabby? He's become so stressed that not only has he got enough bags under his eyes but his skin-condition has returned. The last time I saw him with his elbows like that was in his family photos from his 8th birthday…

(Jen breathes shakily) Do you remember what you asked me that first day of term? “If you could have any power in the world, what would you have? I think I said time travel, being a history boffin and all. But what I want now is to be able to change your mind. Don’t you understand? I would do anything to get you back, anything. Only now do I realize something had changed that day. You were so elated it looked like you were high. But it wasn’t drugs, I’m sure of that; you’re not that type of person. You hugged us so hard, like you’d won the Euro Lottery or something. That was when Nathan actually started to shut up when you told him to, that was when he started to spy on you instead of taunt you, that was when you started to become withdrawn and secretive. If only I could go back and prove to you that there are still people who care about you. I should have kissed you when I had the chance. Why can’t I stop bloody crying! Damn you Simon! Damn……..

“Jen? Jen! Do you want me to take over now? I’m out of the toilet. Jen? Where are you? Oh my God....."

The End

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