Change of HeartMature

Now you see Simon, it was us who stole your video diary, and before I continue, I must apologise. I know it was wrong, but now that we've seen them I don't think I nor Joe regrets it. How could you keep this from us? We're meant to be your best friends and the one secret you decide to keep from us is suicide!? I don't know if I'll ever be able to get over that. So, since you've decided to no longer talk to us, reply to our texts, phone calls or emails, this is how we're going to help. Just like you we're going to make a video diary every time time we get one step closer to understanding your silly suicide ideas. You've given us a puzzle with only some of the pieces to place together.

I think the biggest clue so far for us was the tuesday after our english test.You used to hate Nathan Vore. He was the main bully. Every time he saw you he'd be hanging out with his friends and would laugh, jeer and insult you which made him a typical bully charachter except that every time you told him to shut up, he did. I always found that so strange. What kind of bully listens to his victim? And of course we told you that he wasn't worth thinking about and that he was simply an insecure boy who wanted to take out his negativity on other people. You told us we were right, that he wasn't worth it, you can't deny that. But he must have had some effect on you if you're thinking about committing suicide! We'd just come out of the classroom, (by the way I'm sure you're going to get an A*, of course, ) we were walking in our threesome, you in the middle and then Nathan brushed past me. I told him to go pick on someone else and he ignored me of course, but you didn't say anything either. Then he said:

"Alright Si?"

"I'm doin' alright actually, thanks. You still want to come round my place tonight?"

"Yeah looking forward to it. Be there at 6 k?"

"Cool beans. See you there."  And then he just walked off! It was the most jaw-dropping conversation I have ever witnessed im my entire life. Joe even asked you about it:

"Dude, what was that all about? Since when have you got along with Nathan Vore? He's like your arch enemy!"

"Well one day he came up to me and he just apologised. I mean of course I didn't believe him either at first but he was so sincere. It's hard to explain but... Look you guys should be happy that I'm finally getting along with him."

"I guess..." And that is how it ended. You might have expected us to, but we didn't buy it one bit, there was no way that you could forgive him after all the things he did. Don't you remember the time he threw toilet paper all over your house with the words "I own you freak". And that was when we had to start brainstorming over why you were acting so bizarre. Thats why we came round to your house, we want to know what's going on, I think this video diary has just made things seem so odd. Just remember this Simon, we love you. Oh screw it I love you! I don't care how corny that sounds and I don't care if you don't believe me . But I'm telling the truth. Don't do this to us Simon. Especially not to me.

Joe! Your turn!

"Yeah I'll be up in a sec."

The End

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