My name is Joe Grey. I moved to England 4 years ago because my dad was being transferred to a new London office for his promotion. I hated him at the time. I would persistently protest at how he was taking me away from my friends and my family, that my life was here, but he knew that was a lie. He knew just as well as I did that I didn't like my family and their constant arguing, that I had recently fallen out with my friends because they'd found out my dad was gay. I just didn't want to go because I was scared at the prospect of having to make new friends, live in a new country, going to a new school. I think the older you get, the harder it is to adapt to a new social environment. It didn't matter if I was going to move to a "grammar" school, I knew my accent would make me different from the moment I stepped foot on their turf. But once I had got there, I realised that this was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Here no-one bullied me, sure a few people made a few potentially offensive jokes, but I managed to just laugh them off and I even became popular with the older kids.

Then I met Simon and Jennifer, well, Jen for short. We were just starting the second "term" of the school year (why they can't just say semester, I'll never know). I walked into English and sat down in my seat, waiting for the agonizing lesson of Shakespear to start. Then this girl sat next to me, who I was sure I'd never seen before. We introduced ourselves and immediately we started talking. I'd never met someone who I had so much in common with. She was indian, with flowing long black hair and olive green eyes. Her teeth were so perfectly white they shone brighter than paper but was so modest when I complemented on her looks.

"Oh shut up. I'm not that pretty. Might as well call me Gargamel." As we stopped laughing another boy sat down next to me. He was so small! He didn't look 11. Infact he was 9. 9! And already in a grammar school! Only after we started talking did I realise he was a child genius and had skipped a second year because Year 6 was proving way too easy for him. Despite his intellect he was the kind of guy who would stop to ask how someone felt and tried to be funny without being offensive whatsoever.  That was the day when we all became friends and I've never looked back ever since. Well ever since now that is. I'm just trying to piece together when it all went wrong. When was the first day when he started to believe his life was falling down the drain?

The End

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