My Last DayMature

Simon Wellick has just turned 13 and believes his life is no longer worth living. When his friends discover a secret video diary containing all his thoughts, feelings and ideas to end his life, they are forced to prove him wrong. This account is told by two of his closest friends, one of which has been in love with him for years. The only question left is, can they save him?

He may have been our friend, but we were trespassing. We knew what we were doing was wrong and probably against the law, it shouldn't have mattered if he had left the back door open or not , but it felt necessary. If we hadn't stumbled on that video diary of his we would never have understood why he looked so depressed, so distraught and defeated when he caught people talking about him behind his back. We've all been bullied at some point, but we got over it, we became more confident as a result. We became better people. But I think it's turned him cold. He used to be the most decent guy I ever knew. I'm sure he had even had counselling at one point, but clearly that didn't help.

Luckily Jen is a genius. If she hadn't been able to copy all of his entries onto a data stick and get us out before he had got back from walking his dog, who knows how he might have reacted...

The End

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