Chapter 3Mature

  And there it is, my daily life.
What they decide, is where I go, what I say, and what I dream.
Do they wish to see me slowly die? No. They wish to see me live, but live in an eternal hell. The horrors of my life take over, as they whisper in my ears.

   I hope that I meet you, if I ever get out of myself. I hope, I'll see you, from a far off land. You'll smile at me, raise your hand, in one last goodbye. Then you'll turn and walk into the mist, and I'll be left eternally, with my new, healthy body, free and alive, “running along my white shore...”

   Ha! In my day-dreams. The only way out of this is to die.
I tried that tonight, and many others, and its always the same: he stops me.
Here I am, confined to this prison of hate.
With them, alone, and in constant company.

I submit to his kiss, to finally complete the journey. I'm now one of them, my mind just as twisted as my body. My soul aim to torment one more poor being, with my own hate for happiness, my jealous anger consuming me.

I am evil. Just another one of them.

The End 

The End

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