Chapter 2Mature

  I rise, slowly and uncertainly, for I am broken and ill.
I walk to the kitchen, this is where they keep the knives.
As I reach for the draw, I feel a strong, heavy hand on my shoulder, forcing me to turn.
   And there he is. The vile, ugly creature they call master. I guess I knew this would happen, they let me get so close, so I think finally it may end. But no, always, they know, they stop me. It is they who place these nightmares within my mind. They who haunt me, touch me, defile me.
   So there he stands, and evil, joyous smile dancing over what may be lips. His eyes locking mine, rendering me powerless. I drown in the evil in those eyes.
   They have complete power over me now. Using me. Watching, just to see, how much one human can take. How much misery and insanity will finally break a person. I broke. I broke a long time ago, a lifetime ago. But still they keep me, through some evil, barbaric thought of 'fun'.

   His eyes take me back, back to my childish innocence, when I was just a little girl. When I'd look at my mother, and see protection. I'd run to her, when I had tummy upset, or a bruised knee. Those eyes, they take me back to when I would sit on that swing in the forest, the sun, still warm on my back. I no longer know that feeling, no longer see the sun, or the sky, not the stars, nor the moon. I live here, where they abide, inside myself.

The End

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