My Journey The Beginning

The day was grey and cold, oddly matching my mood exactly, as I made my way to the doors of Randall Treatment Center.  I stood outside the doors trying to process everything I was feeling, fear, anxiety, loneliness, and steaming mad.  All I could think was what the hell was I doing here.  Damn, I thought, as I took a deep breath and pulled open the heavy glass doors.  I lugged my suitcase into a foyer with a ton of fake plants, three surprisingly comfy looking blue couches lining two walls, and a large glass enclosed admissions desk on the other.  That was where I headed first.

"Name please", the receptionist asked

"Nicole Ann Parker" I replied in a shaky voice

The receptionist checked her list and apparently everything was in order, then she handed me a novel size stack of paperwork, oh joy, paperwork my favorite,  "Fill these out and bring them back to me.  Then you'll go see the nurse." she instructed

"Alrighty then" I said under my breath and proceeded to go find a seat on one of the couches.  After a few minutes I had finished, and took the paperwork back to the desk.

As I returned to my seat to wait for the nurse I took a look around me at the other people in the room.  Currently there were just to.  One was a woman about my age.  She had beautiful long red hair and a pretty face, and smile, but it also looked aged and worn.  The other was a man he was younger, and he had an ipod in his hand.  He was skinny, and looked as pissed off as I felt.  

After what seemed like hours a very tall and very pretty woman approached me with hand outstreched, "Hello my name is Carol, and I'm the head nurse here.  If you'll follow me we'll get you started"

I took her her outstreched hand and gave it a brief shake, "Nicole, okay let's go."  I replied

Carol ushered me through a door and down a dark hallway to her office, as I sat across the desk from her I was surprised at how nice and how pretty she was, I don't know who or what I was expecting Nurse Cratchet perhaps. 

After taking my blood pressure, and asking a few routine questions I found myself seated back on the comfy blue couches waiting to find out what comes next...

The End

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