Should I....Mature


8:57 PM

I am debating whether or not I am going to add a story of mine to this site, it's not the fact that it's dark it's that I'm wondering whether or not people will like it... Have I even spelled wether...yea the red line just appeared, I'm doing good. So I just came home from a wedding and my screen is really messed up, not sure if this place or ...this writing is rated mature so I'll keep the swearing hidden. Trolol, I'm such a sneak. 

So anyway the wedding was nice, though I hate being inside churches, it just irritates me real bad, I have no clue why and if I did I promise you I would find a way to get over it. Actually, no I don't want to I'm just not into churches, when I was inside it felt like my skin was burning, no I'm not over reacting it just felt way off. I've felt that way ever since I was in cathicism. Meh, too lazy to respell that. Anyway, so my computer screen is way too wide, but I don't mind it. Makes it easier to read what I type, which is sort of  a bad thing now that I think about it...

The End

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