4:34 pm


I'm not used to this silence, also, sorry I haven't been making notes much. I've been visiting....a site. That's encrypted with scary stories and this place seems well, bright. It's just the white background I'm sure. Where as the site I have been meeting with has a black background. I just, like to lean more towards the darkness. It's a dangerous habit, but it satisfies me.

Either way, back to the matter at hand, things have been so silent here. Maybe I need to put myself out there, or learn how to co-operate on my  own. Or maybe it's the fact that everytime I come here, a certain part of my mind invisions bright lights and bustling people conversing on which ideas are best to write a story upon. Then I realised something...

Do you know how art can sometimes be made through stories? Like you get inspired from a story, well, doesn't that work vice versa? If so then I am more then happy to know that. Considering I can finally get inspiration without having to throw my brain at a wall. ( I would physically if I could but.....yea....)

So people, grab your paint brushes, and your keyboards. We are going to paint pictures, with words! Or.......type words with pictures....yea. :3

The End

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