9:40 pm

So, I just had my first full monster. Well, some of it spilt on the seat of the bowling alley. Either way it was....horrible actually. Tasted odd. My first energy drink decided to be a bitch and burn my tongue, and I feel tired. They told me I wouldn't be able to get to sleep. I highly doubt it. Unless, for some odd reason it is just me. Meh, I'm so tired.... I feel like collapsing, and I almost puked because of the acid in it. I wrote all this in two minutes, meh I wish I could type faster. Wait I am typing really fast this keyboard is just way too slow. I mean come on my fingers are like, dancing across the keyboard. Haha, I'm so beast!

Well I must leave you. Toodles, mortals. ( Assuming, you are mortal. My apologies if you aren't. )

The End

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