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16/01/2012 4:39 pm

I love my brother dearly, I do, I really do. It's just, he doesn't have to be so over protective. I admire his kindness of heart, and I envy it. At the same time I feel I am tainting him with evil, yes cliché but still. Even though, it is perfectly normal to like more then one person at once. Even when you're dating, you're still free aren't you? Isn't it when they finally dibs you their girlfriend/boyfriend that things change?

Apparently, my former friend told me this, that is how it works. But he says media has changed the view point on relationships. I guess, they're right. Nowadays a relationships starts after two days of confessing. Maybe you should start hanging out first? You know, get to the know the REAL person before diving into some heavy shit. That could probably leave you heart broken or worse.

8:39 pm

O-oops. I kinda forgot this was still on. 4h exactly. NICE! So anyway, um I'm trying to figure out how to balance fantasy and reality. And by fantasy I mean the internet. Things just seem...simpler there. Real life is just so, cruel non.

8: 58

So, I'm giving up I'll just write more tomorrow is all. Yea, then I'll my life fly by. WOOT WOOT

The End

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