8:50 pm

It's so boring around here, there's nothing to do. it's so empty. As if everything were going in slow motion, and no one around you cares to notice. And so you sit there and wait for someone, but that someone never comes. No, don't you fucking dare call me lonely.

Switching back and forth, my book lays open. I should have kissed him, but I didn't besides I can't kiss a screen. Real life is over rated so I escape to my fantasy. I've decided I'm going to do a little project. See what would happen if I started acting mature around my school. I wonder what would happen, would others see me differently. First of all I will stop swearing, oh Krillex help me. I'm going to stop swearing.

I've been swearing since grade three, and it seems almost impossible to stop it now. But apparently, even the best have done it. So, why can't I?

The End

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