Chapter 3Mature

This is her house, it's big. I knock on the door and you stand beside me still getting over the tragedy. But I smile at you, and you smile too when she opens the door and the little creature rubs against your leg. You sit down on the deck and pet it, while me and her talk. We get into an argument, I keep telling her the more she denies it the more I'm right. We both give up and laugh and I tell more about that special person. You sit there with the creature then we get up and leave for my house. She steals my toy and hides it from me; we tackle her to get it back.

At days end I wait and that special person talks to me, I laugh and smile. Though it's genuine even beneath the mask. That special person, they are my weakness. Fighting the urge to sleep isn't difficult at all, but soon that special person goes away, back to their world. And I'm left alone, so I'll dream and hope that I see that special person in my dream, I get more than that. I see a very handsome demon, and I hiss at him angrily, he's a fallen angel his wings black. Then I see the past, the not so distant pass, and I smile at myself they still wish to speak to me.

But now I broke one and I apologize but I have to, I don't like being stuck. I freed myself, that world hurts. It hurts it hurts! I'M FREE NOW LEAVE ME GO!!!!

The End

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