My InsanityMature

I remembered writing this around a year ago, maybe less. I'm not quite sure. So now it's a diary...

Recently I've been beginning to doubt my sanity. And just recently I've been beginning to shudder at the very mention of my own name. Now, I'm sure you've heard some pretty tall tales about insanity, and perhaps they were all true. Well this is true also, and it's no paranormal story. No, just the inner workings of my confused mind. I'm so complex, like the human body, but so simple, like a two piece puzzle. So here I am sitting at my computer desk typing this out to you, see it's funny I might not even know you but I'll share this glorious information with you. What you choose to do with it is beyond my concern.

Now I'm not so stupid as to give you my full name, I have my own boundaries. But, still I don't care what you think of me, go ahead and call me crazy, I know it's true. As if this will actually solve my problems, my name is Cassandra. Now I dare you to Google that thought that story is true, I will not go into detail on that any, this is about my insanity. So here's the reason for this long or short introduction, all depends on who you are I guess. Anyway, I've been enjoying it when I hear people describe that red liquid. The one that oozes out when we break the layer of skin that shields our bones and vital organs and such. Well, yes. And I've been enjoying it far too much. Or maybe, just enough, either way I just can't help but smile at it. I think I've been influenced by the insane stories I've been reading, filled with insanity, and psychopaths. Though I always find myself rooting for them.

I tried telling myself it was natural, or it was just a phase. But now it seemed to grow on me, ever since I was little I seemed to be more drawn to the darkness. Now I won't do anything rash, but I have my own opinions on certain situations. Which I will not say, because though I somehow trust random strangers, this is too close to me to just give away. At some point in life I wonder if I'll end up in an insane asylum, oh wouldn't that be fun. Honestly, I'd enjoy my stay there. Being in a large building full of people like me without having to worry about being called crazy. Unless the nurses call you crazy… then I would snap now wouldn't I? Still the thought of being locked into a room able to doodle as much as I want amazes me, and it's not that hard to envision me talking to myself.  I'm pretty sure I've gotten out all I wished to say for the past moment, and I'll leave you with these words. To trust me you must first trust yourself, don't try to tame me either, it will back fire. I will wish terrible things upon you, and the scariest thing. I hold no regrets if I don't know you.

The End

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