My Inner me Outside

She looked how I felt inside, only I had the decency to keep it to myself, to not bring others down with me. At first I thought she was selfish, allowing herself to give into the pain that ate up at everyone daily, if not hourly. But she was doing what none of us ever could do, she was expressing herself. Maybe if I had worked that out sooner, I would have known before, well before it was too late.

In all senses of the word, aside from physically, she was dead to the world. Oh yes she ate and walked at will, but she rarely blinked or smiled or talked. A certain air just seemed to claim her, making her scary and abnormal. I was there at the hospital to do some volunteering. You can imagine how I, a shy teenager, felt as soon as I saw someone the same age as me lying motionless and unresponsive. All my body screamed for me to get away, to not put myself in this position. But I needed two more hours volunteering to get the sponsorship money to go to Morocco on a school trip. So hiding my fear, after all wasn't this whole thing supposed to build me as a person, and smiled at her.

Her eyes scared me. Honestly nothing was as terrifying as those cold, unfeeling eyes that seemed to take nothing in yet were always watching you. Like I said, eerie. 

"This is Lizzie." A nurse told me, unable to look at the dependent girl under the bed covers.

"I'm Mel, they told me to come here." I mumbled uselessly. 

"Yes, well we have been expecting you. You'll just sit and talk with her, if that's okay?"


So i sat down with the stranger while the nurse bustled out.

The End

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