My Identical Twin Angel

Jalyne and Jaiden. Twin sisters, best friends. Until one day, Jaiden is diagnosed with leukemia. 12 months later, she is cold in the ground, and Jalyne's life comes crashing down.

Jalyne can't get anything right anymore. Everything she sees reminds her of Jaiden. Shecloses herself off to the world around her. She loses her friends, her grades, everything, and right when she thinks that it's over; that she can't take it anymore, Jalyne has a dream that starts to turn her life around.

            2:24 AM, Monday, February 18th.  It was four months after the death, her death, and the mix of mournful tears, between friends and family.  And for the hundredth night in a row, I couldn’t sleep.  Every time I closed my eyes, the memories of that horrible day flooded back to me.  I remember my mother’s tortured cries, the mechanical expression of the doctor who broke the bad news.  Yet, most of all, I remember the pathetic, soothing smile my identical twin flashed me.  The last smile I would ever receive from her.  I remembered my sister’s pale, pained face, as the plethora of doctors, and nurses tried desperately save my sister’s life.  Her last fighting words, “I am here, Jalyne.  Always.”  

I remembered my closest friend, defeated by the horror of cancer. 

            I rolled out of bed, and slid my feet into my slippers, shivering, yet sweating a cold sweat at the same time.  Nothing was the same anymore.  With trembling hands, I went to the bathroom, turned on the light, and splashed my face with water.  I looked up into the mirror.  What I saw made my eyes mist over, and my head ache with despair and flashback.  We shared the same face, the same expressions. 

'But we're not the same.  Because she's gone.'

I shook my head furiously, grabbed my hairbrush, and flung it at the reflection.  I heard the glass crack, as I sprinted out of the house, still in my pajamas, tears cascading down my pale, bony cheeks, with only one thought parading through  my mind.  

'Jaiden, please come back.'

The End

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