Reflections on Mervin

Mervin was a truly remarkable man, there was no two ways about that. At the end of his nightly stage act, he'd ask for anyone with any problems what so ever, to come to the front of the stage. There would always be women clambering for help with their irritable bowel syndrome or warts or what ever. He'd converted the front parlor into a treatment room and would heal the sick and aid the down hearted every day between the hours of 11am and 5.00pm, sometimes for as little as £30.00!

One woman I remember well, had a problem with her confidence. She was a meek little mouse when she came in, but when she left a hour and a half later, she was like a new woman! it was as though she'd been sprayed with some life giving potion! Later he told me about the session.

It seemed that in her previous incarnation, she had been the captain of the "Titanic." Subconsciously, she was still blaming herself for the disaster. Merv told her that she had to learn to not be in such a rush. Using cognitive therapy, and visualization, imagining herself as an three toed sloth, she learned to slow down and regained her confidence.

Another woman with the same lack of self belief,  when regressed into her previous life, turned out to have been Nevile Chamberlain, the British prime minister who signed a peace pact with Hitler. She'd been holding herself responsible for World War II without even realizing it! He showed her that she needed to be less trusting and to always be prepared for war. These were her life lessons you see. She was transformed into a buoyant self confident woman that day.

He even took the time with ailments that you or I might class as trivial. Eileen Shagsworth springs to mind. She had a verruca on a toe that just wouldn't go away, not even with liquid nitrogen. When taken back to her previous life, it was found that she had been a sperm whale with lots of shell fish stuck to her colossal body. This verruca was a limpet which had followed her from her former incarnation in the sea! Imagine that! But do you know, after hypnotherapy sessions twice a week, for two or three years with Mervin, that verruca went clean away!  It must have been pretty traumatic for her going back like that twice a week, because, I often heard strange moaning noises coming from the room. Mervin explained that that was the whale song. It sounded so different through the walls of our house than it does through the ocean. The pain must have been worth it though, because whenever she walked out of those sessions with him, I could always see a real sense of relief on her face. He bought comfort to a lot of people.

A man who came with deafness in one ear was found to  have formerly been Vincent Van Gough, and once, discovered, took up painting and kept away from prostitutes. This didn't cure his deafness, but he could understand his condition finally.

Maybe one of the most amazing things about Mervin was his success in treating infertile women. How many have after just  a one hour consultation with him, have nine months later, given birth to a healthy baby I don't know! He was a kind of legend. They'd come back again and again to thank him, sometimes going down on their knees in gratitude. I always felt slightly sickened by their groveling to be honest, and I could tell that Mervin felt uncomfortable about their adulation of him by the way he sort of stiffened when ever I caught them there like that. I'd just back out of the room, embarrassed for her, sorry for him.

He was a miracle worker! He used his gift for good. That was what he taught me, that was why I was a bit freaked out that I had imagined the flames around my mother in law on that fateful day. He taught me to over come angry feelings by being still and focusing on a single blade of grass. But that's not easy when faced with someone who's only joy is in making your life miserable. He was alright, he could just regress her back into Ancient Sumeria and leave her there for the rest of the day if he got worn down by her. He'd warned me that visualizing negative things on someone could rebound on you, and you could come back as a loan shark or a slug or a cockroach or something.

This had kept me focused on a blade of grass for ages, but since going over the edge that day and seeing the results, I found that anger had begun to well up again inside me. It had gained a strong hold within me. What set these feelings off was often Merv's sessions with those who most deserved my sympathy. It was a jealous rage. It was hard to be always the wife of a great and good man. To see those suffering women take all of his time and energy. He'd be exhausted at the end of the day, but still go out to do his stage act at night. I brooded on these things as time went on. I felt lonely, jealous and resentful. I suppose that there was a part of me that started to wonder if he wasn't hypnotizing me, but that was hard for me to believe of such a dear and loving man as he plainly was.


The End

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