Chapter 2: The Bad News

"I might pack some movies for us to watch till late!" This is cool! "Son don't get to excited. . ." Uh Oh. Here comes the bad news. "He is not sick as in stomach-ache. He has a. . ummm. . . heart disease. Your father got some news a few days ago." My heart sank."Ok Mum" I mumbled. Then I burst. "But what will I do!" I was outraged! "Son, you obviously dont remember Grandads farm!" It was true. I didnt. "You can go exploring! There is a lot of hills! Cmon son, youll love it!" She sounded way to enthusiastic. "OK" I grumbled."But im doing this for Grandad,NOT you, ok?!" "Ok" Mum whispered.  Had  I upset her?

The End

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