My Grandads Loss

A boy goes up to his sick grandad to give him company. But hes goes out for a while. . .

Chapter 1: The News

I overheard Mum on the phone. She was sending me to my Grandads house. Grandad has been looking for company ever since Nana died.I felt sorry for him. Everyone did. She died in a car accident 2 years before I was born. Grandad lives in the countrysid way up north. Mum walked into my room. "Son" she said softly."Youre going down to your Grandads house for the weekend.Ive already arranged it." "Cool!" I exclaimed."But how come?" I hadnt been to Grandads house in years, but I remember him vividly. "Well..." Mum looked like she had been crying. "He is sick and needs someone to keep him company" "Sweet!" I said. "A little stomach-ache wont hurt us having fun!" I was so excited! I started packing straight away!

The End

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